Weetabix Chocolate Cake Recipe

Discussion in 'Slimming World Recipes' started by BritMumInCanada, 10 September 2009.

  1. BritMumInCanada

    BritMumInCanada Well-Known Member

    Has anyone got the recipe for this?
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  2. soulgirl

    soulgirl Member

    Just made this and put it into 12 muffin cases I then cut up a cadbury's fudge and put a piece in the middle of each muffin as they came out of the oven. I going to take them to my meeting tomorrow as we're having a bit of a do for the woman of the year.
  3. soulgirl

    soulgirl Member

    By the way they are 1 1/2 syns each
  4. ginandtonic

    ginandtonic New Member

    I think its this one??

    x5 weetabix (16 syns)
    x6 heaped tsp of highlights (12 syns)
    250ml boiling water
    2 eggs
    half a cup of sweetner.

    Break the weetabix up and add the hot water.
    Add the rest of the ingredients and mix till non lumpy and then pop in the microwave in a microwavable dish for 6 mins and serve into 8 pieces.

    yum! its so choclaty that even I the queen of chocolate only needed one piece for a chocolate fix.
  5. big bear

    big bear A bear on a mission!

    Do you think I could use chocolate weetabix & half the options amount? I've no plain weetabix...
  6. lemonfishface

    lemonfishface Well-Known Member

    This sounds lovely! Do you think you could use different highlights flavours?? xx
  7. misskiki

    misskiki Well-Known Member

    Do you think it'd still be okay if I cut the recipe so I only used 2 weetabix (HEB) x3 heaped tsp of highlights (6syns) 100ml boiling water, 1 egg and 2tblsp of sweetner ?
  8. shorty1981

    shorty1981 Well-Known Member

    hoe many syns would this b then if i used chocolate weetabix? as thats all i have cos u can have it as a hex + 2syns? would u use all the highlights and sweetener to thanks? x

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