Weetabix Minis - Help??

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by scotsnat38, 8 January 2008 Social URL.

  1. scotsnat38

    scotsnat38 Full Member

    Well folks after a very naughty xmas and new year, I'm officially back on the WW diet!

    But I've got a question...I really need to invest in a set of kitchen scales (or the WW ones!!) but in the meantime I need help - Weetabix Minis (Fruit & Nut variety if that matters!)...2 points for a 40g portion. Anyone know roughly how many 'minis' that is?? Surely it can't be very many!!..I don't want to point it wrong and be filling a bowl that's way over my allowance for it...

    They taste great by the way!!! :D

    Thanks everyone and a happy new year to you all xx
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  3. NikkiH

    NikkiH Likes to eat

    lol! (dont tell anyone) but Ive counted them after I weighed them (Monica!!) its only about 13 pet xx
  4. NikkiH

    NikkiH Likes to eat

    (p.s. thats for 36g - I worked that out at 2 points)
  5. Marie_D

    Marie_D Gold Member

    Haha, fancy counting them Nikki, that's funny, lol!! Mind you, good job you did, because now your craziness had actually helped someone! Heehee!!! x
  6. scotsnat38

    scotsnat38 Full Member

    12?!?!? Oh god...I counted out 20 as they are so small and figured that might be 40g (or 36g) because even that was hardly any...but 12?!?! Ok may have to count 24 when I have them and make it a 4 point portion!! haha!!

    Thanks Nikki...I was hoping someone would count them!!! Still can't believe it's 12.
    Ah well...portion control! haha!!

    Natalie xx
  7. scotsnat38

    scotsnat38 Full Member

    Oops I wrote 12..it's 13 you said...can't forget that 1 extra!
    So 26 roughly for a 4 point portion.....

    Thank you again! :eek:)
  8. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    is that all:eek:
  9. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

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