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weigh in clothes!


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I had wore jeans the first week and had been wearing them up until last week but they were SO big on me now I just couldnt wear them. Had to pull the up so changed and will hopefully wear these trousers for a while.

Long as you wear the same thing or something very similar every week there shouldnt be a problem =)

It does annoy me on fat families that for their weigh in, they keep their shoes on. WHO DOES THAT? hahaha
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Haha, agree, there's a woman at my class who keeps her shoes on! I don't get it.

I make an effort to wear light clothes for my weigh in, normally tights and a thin dress. If it's cold, I chuck on loads of cardigans - but they get removed before I step on the scales!

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I weigh at home so wear my birthday suit.

It could do with an iron :eek:
LOL excellent!

I wear light trousers and a light top. I also take off my shoes and my watch! Saddo that I am - there are quite a few who keep on their shoes at our club. Theres also a lady who has a broken foot and has a cast on her leg - wonder how they take that into account?


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Ha ha ha Silly sausage ! Thanks for sharing that with us........... :)


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For me it depends what kind of week I have had - if i've been good I won't worry too much but if i've been a bit naughty I will take off cardigan, watch etc - anything that might help!!

I usually wear the same to WI as I go straight from work so work trousers and a top!



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Oh I totally watch what I'm wearing. I never ever wear jeans to weigh in, it used to be some quite thin trousers but they got massive on me (yay!) so I started wearing leggings. That was in the summer now its freezing so I need to wear boots with them. Always remove my shoes/boots at weigh in though. Have not seen anyone keep them on so far...I do laugh because it must be so obvious to everyone when I'm freezing my behind off in a cold scout hall that I am deliberately wearing as little as I can!!! But then..I've noticed the same about other folk too so am not the only one!
I haven't started taking my watch off yet but have considered it a couple of times after quite a bad week, I forgot to do it in the end though lol.
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i leave my shoes on lol it's not going to affect my weight loss each week just meant i weighed a little bit more on my first weigh in they aren't very heavy tho they r ballerina ones :)


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I have a WI uniform. Most everybody in my group does. In the summer, I'm in a sundress or yoga capris and a t-shirt and now that it's chilly, I'm in a big t-shirt and leggings. One lady actually comes in street clothes and changes before weighing in to.... wait for it.... one of those button-front housedresses that little old ladies wear! Then she changes back to more normal clothes. And one guy in my group wouldn't give up his really baggy cargo shorts till the snow was ankle-deep. How many pounds does hypothermia take off?

I also won't eat anything with too much sodium after Thursday (I WI on Saturday).

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