Weigh in no.1 - not so good


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well guys it was my first weigh in today and i only lost 4lbs. Bit gutting as i have seen people losing from 14-7lbs and as i have stuck to it i feel a bit cheated...lol

However its totm - so any experiences of weight loss/gain with totm would be appreciated - cheers
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weighs a lot less
dont feel dishearted hun its still 4lbs less of you , totm can affect your weight loss as some can retain water , well done on getting through this week im sure next week will be better oh and forgot to say if you dont have big glcergen stores or carry much water then this could explain things well done you and heres to week2 (raises glass of water) lill xxx


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Hey you got it through the first week, that and your weight loss is still a great achievement. 8 bars of butter is now off your body. And it's your totm so that obviously had an effect. Don't be discouraged, next week, you might lose more!

Well done!


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Don't be discouraged Hun.
I used to retain about 5lbs worth of water (before my hysterectomy lol!)
I bet you'll lose the water you've retained plus the fat and lose LOADS next week. xx


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Well done on your loss, but dont be too disheartened, you might see another good loss next week.
I am sure TOTM will affect the loss as you could be retaining a lot of water.
Good luck for your second week.


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restarted 5th january 2009
restart weight not telling i cant believe how much ive put back on !!!

Lillie, dont be too angry at yourself, regrets wont change what has been done, but you have made the decision to re-start LT, so you are heading in the right direction.
You have already done marvellous and you can continue with the good work.
Good luck for this week.


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aww dont feel down hun! i heard u lose more the next week once the totm has passed :)


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Keep it up, I have a huge amount to lose so i guess thats why my wk one was so high, its going in the right direction keep it up, we are all here to support you

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4lbs in one week is gr8!!!!!!

I lost 6lbs in my first week and I also felt a bit disheartened as other people seemed to lose a lot more - but then I realised that I've never lost 6lb in one week on any other diet before - so I couldnt really complain lol..

Just think ur only 10lbs from your 1st stone - I'm sure u'll do that in a month with no problems at all..

Keep up the good work x


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Congrats on your weight loss hun! You stuck to the diet and got the worst week over with. TOTM can affect your weight loss.
Last time around (this is my 2nd time on LT. Took a break for baby number 2) i lost 2lb the week of my monthlys and made up for it the following week by losing 7lbs. (I think i was on week 4 by that point so 7lbs was really good).

Dont worry about the weight loss this week. Im sure you'll have an even better week next week.x


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everyone has a bad weigh in when its time of the month!! you still did good. bet you have a great weigh in next week and it will make it up for this week xxx well done


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hey hun,you have still lost two bags of sugar,that is brilliant !! do you normally get heavier when it is your totm? that may well have something to do with it or maybe it is because you dont have as much to lose.

i am sure it will all even itself out and they do say a stone a month loss on this diet,if you lose 4 a week that's great.

chin up!! you're 4lbs less than you were last week and it is only going to get better from here, you are over the hardest part of the diet 'first week' the rest is just enjoying the high energy 'most of the time' clear skin,shiny hair and watching yourself shrink in the mirror week by week

keep it up xxxxxx


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Hey hun,

4lbs is still a good result hun and its better off than on! Also it was totm so more than likely ya probably retained some water so keep going the way ya have and ya will find that next week is going to be much better!! Ya are on your way to the stone a month goal. I can understand when ya feel cheated but dont let it bother ya, chin up girl and keep going!!


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Hi purple angel
i have just finished my first week on thursday and lost 4.5lbs. im on a restart as of 1.1.09 having lost last year. i lost 7lbs the first week i did it last year but this year not so much. just think 4lbs is lots.. if 1lb = 3500 cals then its loads. keep going. next week another 4 lbs and i would be happy.
good luck with ur week


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aaaw thanks guys for the kind words and encouragement :eek::eek::eek:

i have given myself another good talking too and realised a stone in a month is feasible with this kind of weight loss and thats what i wanted :)

I am happy with LT, hell i miss food but really this diet does work and my God i am gonna stick to it until i get in my teeny size 12 trousers hanging in my wardrobe :)

cheers guys - hugs of thanks to you all :D

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First of all well done! I found that the weight loss caught up the following week. In a few weeks you will look back and think that really wasnt a bad loss. Keep with it. XX


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4 pounds is excellent! look at the other diets where people r losing 1 or 2 pounds and u have lost 4> My weight loss slows down around the dreaded TOTM too! Next week u will have made up for it im sure x