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weigh in no. 4


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Went for my 4th weigh in today and lost 2lb. I wasnt too disappointed because i honestly thought i hadnt lost anything.

I think it is because of constipation (first time its happened to me) so hopefully can get this sorted and will lose more next week.

I had myself convinced that i was a medical oddity and would be the only person in the history of the world to gain wait on this diet even though i am 100 % committed.

Still going strong though and none of my family or friends can believe i have stuck to it.

Oh those of little faith.:)
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maintaining since June'09
Well done you! Since I upped my water to 4-5 lts a day I'm always 'going' (sorry if tmi!) I also have 3 or 4 flapjacks a week which I think helps.

Hope you get it sorted!

You're doing brilliantly! x


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thanks jan. I tried the flapjack last week. OMG i would rather eat my own arm.

I dont know how you do it. I do think though i probably have not had enough water to drink. I will def up my intake this week.


maintaining since June'09
Sounds like a plan.

The week I only had the minimum 2lts of water I only lost 1.6lbs so have studiously kept the intake up ever since! I've found it a lot easier since switching to sparkling - which I used to hate but got in a pub one time for a change and love it now! xx


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LOL eat your own arm. At least you would lose a bit more. I have to agree with you though the flapjacks are vile. I dont know how people manage them. Keep the good work up. xxx:)


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Binger you really made me chuckle, but seriously Chukkie, i was getting dissapointed with a 2lb loss but then i thought, hey, why are you disspointed, that is a bag of sugar and a step closer to my goal, remember as well throughout the month our bodies fluctuate due to hormones, so often after a 2lb loss you may have a bigger one the next week, i think as everyone else says even though shed loads of water may make you bloated it is the key to Lipotrim, your doing good kid, especially if you thought you had lost nothing

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