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Weigh in results! Low carb Veggie..

Hiya all,

Well, first week done and I have lost 10 lbs!!:D I'm so pleased. Its been pretty easy and I have not been hungry at all. In fact I have had to force myself to eat at times..never thought I would say that! lol.

I got Rose Elliots low carb diet book today, and her cookbook, and just made some gorgeous cauliflower cheese..it was so good! I really recommend them! I also have a little carb counter book which is useful.

I have such a long way to go, but I am feeling good about the weeks ahead.

Take care, and I hope everyone is doing ok?

luv Kelly xxxxx
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tHAT IS THE WAY i WANT TO COOK AND EAT TOO. Don't care for rice or pasta. Potatoes are only good if roasted till they're empty! Now fish and veggies are a different matter altogether. Great loss in that week. Keep us posted for your next one!
Thanks Big Birdy..love the name! I love rice and that stuff, but I have honestly not missed it at all. I'm hoping to continue that way!

Cant wait til I have a long list of losses like yours. Well done you! I would of returned to LL or CD if I was in UK, but I'm hoping low carbing will do the trick!

Take care now,
Luv Kelly xxx

Deb G

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The mockeroni cheese is to die for!!! Its in the diet book!


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Well, first week done and I have lost 10 lbs!!:D I'm so pleased. Its been pretty easy and I have not been hungry at all. In fact I have had to force myself to eat at times..never thought I would say that! lol.
Well done that is a brill first week weight loss:happy096:
Week 2 weigh in!

Hello all,

Official weigh in this morning and I have lost another 7lbs!!:eek: Well, as you can imagine I'm very happy! I really never expected that much. 17lbs in 2 weeks, blooming marvelous!

My clothes are starting to get baggy now, and it feels great! Long long way to go though, but I'm determined to get there!

Just wish I could exercise, as I'm feeling good:D but back problems and physio have said not yet, until things settle more. Oh well, must be patient.....

Well, Have a good day,

Love Kelly xxxxxx
Thanks Dancing,

Had back problems for some years now, but never had an "episode" as long as this one. Pelvis out of place, lower lumbar is basically all fixed together, and trapped nerves...but hey wont bore you with anymore!:p In Physio currently, exercises to do and all that.....taking a long time as I have fibromyalgia too:rolleyes:

I will def be doing some yoga and pilates as soon as I can. Like you say, I really need to strenghthen ALL my muscles. There are some classes on a nearby camp, so will have to look into that one! I brought a rebounder mini trampoline in the new year, and that is such great exercise..and fun too! I then went swimming and the back got really bad again.

God, I sound like a right old person!!:( Sorry...

Anyhoo, I'm feeling positive that all will be back to good working order soon.

Love and hugs,

Kelly xxxxx

Deb G

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Well done - low carb veggie-ing is great!
Thank you Vicky for your support.

Hi Dancing...Swimming did cause a lot of problems with me I'm afraid. I used to swim competitively until my middle teens, and was told to stop, or face life in a wheelchair!! Sounds strange I know, but I used to train before and after school, weight and circuit training and competitions etc at weekends. I did so much and burnt my body out by the age of 14! Left me knee problems, back problems, basically all my joints! I grew tall very quickly and my muscles did not grow the same time..so everything went snap! Anyhoo....swimming is excellent exercise, its just I did so much far too young. I still swim very well, and thats the problem..I cant just swim with my head above the water etc..lol! Plus I love Breast stroke, which I was doing when my back went again...Physio said it was the worst stroke for me to do. My muscle strength is very good, its just things dont work properly, and joints are not right.

As for the Fibromyalgia..that doesnt help at all...got that from giving birth to my 1st daughter, by c-section and the spinal block did not work, but they carried on!!! thought i was gonna die....ever since I have had FM, caused by the stress of it all. (this was in Germany btw)

Sorry to be so boring, I dont feel sorry for myself, but I do feel angry with myself for gaining so much weight..All my own fault. I'm now positive I can shed those excess pounds, get more active and be "normal" for once! lol

P.s I cannot tolerate massage too well, I find it too painful.

Love and hugs,

Kelly xxxx


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That is a fantastic weight loss; I would love to know what sort of things/meals you are eating and how much. Could you bear to show us a days menu? I am sure others would be very interested.

Well done on such a fantastic start to your new life!

Thank you girls for your kind comments, it means a lot!

Well, I only have 20g of carbs a day, and have to choose carefully what I eat. I have the books by Rose Elliot, and use recipes from there. I'm not a huge lover of eggs, so I do find breakfast a bit difficult. You can move onto 30g of carbs a day after the first 2 weeks, or stay on 20g if you are managing well on it. I'm sticking with the 20 for the time being.

Breakfast: I have an Atkins breakfast bar; wheat bran with ground flax seeds and hot water and cinnamon; shake made with soya milk, cocoa and soya protein powder, and plain yogurt with ground flax seeds and some almonds.

Lunch: Omelette with different veg added; Mixed salad and cheese and dressing; spinach "bread" and cream cheese; Egg mayo and lettuce, and walnuts.

Evening Meal: Tofu!! In various ways, marinated or fried in olive oil. A favourite of mine is Tandori Tofu, where the tofu is coated in various spices, olive oil and lemon juice, and then grilled until crispy, served with freshly steamed veggies. Cauliflower cheese is good too, made with spring onion, sour cream and cheese. Spinach and cream cheese gratin. Low carb veggie sausages and cauliflower "mash".

I cant really name everything I have, but I do try to vary what I eat and make sure I get enough veggies and salads. I'm in Ketosis and my appetite is quite suppressed. I dont crave food like I used to and feel generally quite well, with more energy!

And of course I drink water! I drink 3 litres+. And decaff tea with soya milk or sometimes decaff coffee (1g carb!)

Hope this gives a little insight into my diet. I cant reccomend the books by Rose Elliot enough, they give so many delicious recipes and the insight into why a low carb vegetarian diet works so well.


Kelly xxxx
Thanks for this Kelly. I am planning to start this diet soon, I have both Rose Elliot's books. Your weight loss is brilliant and very inspirational. Congratulations!!

Thanks SM, good luck with starting your diet, keep us posted on how it goes.

Well week 3 weigh in yesterday, and another 3 lbs gone! Very pleased once again, and still going strong! Not cheated, or should I say felt the need to cheat. I'm gonna do this.

Just got my coffee grinder so I can grind my flax seeds!:rolleyes:

Well, have a lovely day all.

Love Kelly xxxxx


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WOW 20lbs in 3 weeks that's fantastic!!!

I guess what your menus don't say is the level of organisation that's required to have the right food and plan the menus.

I'm keeping to 20g of carb too and it's pretty challenging as I'm counting cals too. Have to as I don't lose otherwise, but am trying to stick to Atkins who said not to low fat and low carb!

With you on the swimming, I find it aggravates my back as do some yoga exercises like the cobra where you lie face down and then lift your head and shoulders up supported by your hands. Everyone's back is different but I'd keep an eye out for some yoga and pilates exercises. Having said that I do both regularly and they mak a huge difference to my back.

Bummer about the fibromyalgia- nasty and painful. I have a friend with it who is always looking for something to ease it - if you have anything that works I'd love to know. I get her the odd latest thing that's meant to help, to gives her a bit of a lift now and then.

Have ordered Rose Elliott off Amazon! Used to be veggie and still love the food.

Take care, S
Incredible results, and very well done.

Someone on this site once mentioned using Holland and Barrett's own brand soya protein shakes as a supplement. I have recently started to include 2 of these shakes, per day, because I noticed that, since going back to carbs, my nails had noticeably weakened.

I just can't afford CD right now and in any case I don't feel well SS-ing or even 790-ing so I am counting calories.

The H & B shakes don't taste particularly good but they give 25g of protein per serving and at only 119 cals they form a very useful addition to the vegetarian diet.

Good luck! You're doing so well.
Thanks Soraya and girlygirl for your lovely comments!

Thanks Soraya, on the swimming one..its not always the wonder exercise is it?! I dont calorie count, but I must admit my intake is not very high. My meals all contain pretty much low cal stuff, like tonight I had tofu with broccoli and green beans. I cant eat loads of cheese and stuff like that either, and very rarely have cream...I'm more into soya milk! I do count every carb in the food I eat though..forever on the calculator:rolleyes: So glad you have ordered the book, the meals I eat are very little in prep, and are quick to cook too. I have 2 kids, so cant spend forever in the kitchen. I hope you will get more ideas from the books. As for the Fibro, tell your friend that their is a drug now specifically (sp??) used to treat Fibromyalgia and it is called Pregabalin or otherwise known as Lyrica. It helps some people, others not! I've been on it since Dec, and I have noticed a big difference in my pain levels..no shooting pains in arms/fingers wrisits..well everywhere really. It does have side effects but I'm over them now...it may be worth her mentioning to her GP. Also there is a fantastic website, so much info and advice for Fibro sufferers. www.fibromyalgia-associationuk.org I hope this may help a bit. I know what she goes through, everyday is a struggle. But, good luck with your diet, keep me posted on how you get on!

Girlygirl...I have noticed how strong my nails are now...I have managed to grow them over the past 3 weeks without them bending and splitting..bonus! I make my own shakes with the soya protein powder..so must be doing something right! Good luck with your diet too...stick at it....we'll get there soon!

All the best..

Love Kelly xxxxx
Well done on your fantastic weight loss. I'm also low-carbing but not a veggie! Had a bad few weeks but back on the straight and narrow...

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