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weigh in results.

:cry:Im really dissapointed in my loss this especially when i was expecting a 2 or 3lb loss. I can honestly say iv stuck to it 100%!
I burst into tears at the chemist and made her weigh me again!!! I got weighed by a different lady today she is the main leader at the chemist and when i started crying she didnt no what to do lol. She sat me down and we went through a few things.

Im really sorry to team 4 (cant remember the name now, im gonna have to go have another look) but my loss this week is 0.6kg which according to the converter 1lb. :cry:
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hey hun are you on totm or approaching it? That can really mess things up weight wise.

I am sure that next week you will see your weight come off! Keep going hun and you WILL see the results :)
hey hun are you on totm or approaching it? That can really mess things up weight wise.

I am sure that next week you will see your weight come off! Keep going hun and you WILL see the results :)
Yeah it is, i never thought of that:rolleyes:. but usually when its totm i get really bad cravings for chocolate especially and i aint this time. strange :confused:
you should be pleased its a pound gone which is the main thing
yeah suppose everyones right but i expected more. It was the best week iv had since december. thanks everyone
hey honey, please dont feel down.. u have done well! you have lost 1lb! do u know heavy that is!!! you really are doing so well...!
I know how u must feel coz I have had times when I thought I am gonna have a wicked weigh in because I have worked my ass off.. and thats the week that the scales dont agree. but think about it like this.. u may have lost inches. and the most important thing is that you have LOST!!!! and that 1lb counts towards Team 4's loss YAYAYAYAYAYY!!!!!!!
oh thanks FBTB, i feel like crying again lol but im not going to hahaha. thank you
hi charlene ,i understand how you feel we work so hard on lipotrim for our losses and too only lose 1lb well you feel like you could lose that on weightwatchers but look at the big picture and what you have acheived so far and you could only acheive the fantastic results you have acheived on lipotrim,next week you will have a good loss and it will make up for it ,like others have said is it not totm or worse constipation that affects my losses alot:mad:be proud of yourself for what you have acheived youve done brill!!!:)
Charlene that's a great loss, please don't be disheartened!

Look at it this way - it's the equivelent of sellotaping a block of butter to each bum-cheek :D That's how I look at it. on Saturday I lost 4 lbs, not great for week 2 but it's a bag of sugar taped to each hip (bizzare I know but it helps me visualise the loss :eek::eek::eek:)

Well done :D

lol thats quite a funny picture you have just painted lol. This site is so supportive, its the kind comments that get all choked up lol.


I will be skinny again!!!
Dont worry chick!! 1lb is still alot of you look at a picture of it!!!

Well done chick :)

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
:) Hopefully in a few weeks you'll look back and think well at least I lost a lb it soon adds up. XX
Hey hun, dont be bringing yourself down at all and dont be worrying about this team thing. A loss is a loss at the end of the day, the teams are there just to support each other not to put extra pressure on us to do good all the time which is vertially impossible. So please, chin up woman and even though ya didnt lose it in fat ya may have a pretty good loss in inches. Now dont be gettin yourself upset hunny and we are all here to help ya through the good and the bad. C'mon get happy
hiya please dont be so disheartened and dont worry about the team youve lost 1lb thats a loss also you said TOTM so next week you will have a good loss but hey stiff upper lip keep strong you will have the results you are expecting

xx Sharron
thanks you everyone. I will keep on smiling lol

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