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weigh in today :-(


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seriously not looking forward to today cdc weigh in... ive lost 1lb, not good for a week but its a loss i suppose and after the week ive had i cant expect any more really..

im going to feel so stupid at weigh in when it comes up with 1lb, if that becuase the 1lb loss is with no clothes on and 1st thing in the morning so it probably wont even show a loss!!!!

i could give up and not go today and just sack the whole cd, but am i going to.. NOPE, i have to get this off and i have to do this to prove to myself im not useless and i'll be so much better next week for another loss..

so off for a shower, water, and no shake until i get back!!
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Awww hunny, from what I have read on here, it happens to all of us at some point or another. Don't beat yourself up, you're only human, not superwoman :) And your CDC certainly won't judge you. If they do then they're not a good one, but I'm sure they won't. xxx
I felt like this on my third week I had great losses on the first 2 then only lost 2lbs on the third week I was so gutted. Then I lost 7lbs on my 9th week so I was over the moon. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm glad your going to stick with it as it evens out in the end and a loss is a loss.

Good luck :)


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You've still lost 9 pounds in 2 weeks!!!!! Thats more than most people lose in a month. Just keep at it and I'm sure you'll be over the moon next week :) Dont give up, Hon x


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thanks ladies...

i really dont intend to give this up, i will NOT be defeated by a 1lb loss. like you said, ive lost 9lb in 2 weeks, more than ive lost in a month on any diet in the past so im perfectly happy with that.. im back on it this morning, cdc at 10.30 so see what she says!!

thanks all x
Ay a 1lb loss is better than a slap in the face!! Stay focused x

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