Weigh in today!

Yam Yam those are fab weight losses!!!

They are as good as mine more or less on CD!

I had 2lbs. off this week as well:) As long as it does not go up I will be happy.

Love your avatar by the way!!!

It reminds me of myself before I started:eek: The only trouble was that my fat suit had no zip to let me get out of it.

Love Mini xxx
Brilliant - Well done!!!

Those are fantastic losses!! How are you finding the plan? I am still getting my head around it - at the moment it seems a bit confusing!!!

I have had a green day today and have eaten quite a bit of my free foods - i am craving something sweet though and wish i had some muller light yoghurts in - they're free arent they?
Hiya tart ;)

Well done mate :)
Fabulous weight loss:D Well Done.