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Weigh In Tomorrow

I know how you feel - tomorrow is only my second WI and I'm really really nervous. Fingers xed but I'm sure you'll have done fine. Did SW in the past and it works if you stick to the plan. OK, I agree, that's the crunching point..:p But even if you STS or put on, keep you head up and just go back to basics. The weight didn't appear over night, as much as we want it to disappear within 24 hours, it'll take time. We are here for the long run so you always have somebody to pick you up again. :grouphugg:
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Thanks Kristel, thats really kind, just my second weigh in too :D

I will stick to it, I'm determined..I have to really, it may well be my last chance, just hoping I get the boost of having lost anything - even 1/2 a lb would be lovely :D
Am sure we'll make it this time. :) And this forum helps so much. I love my friends but they are all a LOT slimmer than I am and just don't understand what it's like. Just reading through the posts here, get tips and ideas, just being "among" people who have the same way to go... It's just great. Good luck for your WI tomorrow!
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Good luck tomorrow! I bet next sunday you will be full of excitement instead :)

Bee x
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Good luck for tomorrow - I'm sure it'll go well. Don't forget to let us know!
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Well, I only lost 1 lb this week..so am a bit fed up..especially since I wetn from zero excercise to swimming 3 times a week. :eek:

I think in truth I proabaly lost a bit more, but because my last official weigh in was after I went swimming (and you always come out lighter after a swimming session) I don't have a true reperesentation of what I started at.

Still onwards and upwards :eek:

Do not despise the day of small things I keep telling myself.:eek:

Any advice very greatfully welcomed.


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If you lose 1lb a week for the next year you'll have lost 3 and a half stone! It's a good rate to lose weight at, and like you said you've probably lost a bit more. Your weight continually fluctuates throughout the day so I don't think it's ever 100%. Every day you keep up with the SW plan, you'll be a day closer to your target. Positive thoughts :) Congrats on the loss and good luck with swimming!


Always comes back to MMs!
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Thanks even 1/2 a lb would be lovely :D
You said it yourself Ms Teapot... and you went and doubled it...!!

3lb over 2 weeks is great, healthy, sustainable loss... keep up the good work!! xxxx
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Keep going spotty teapot, youre doing great!. A loss is a loss and as was said before if you do that every week just think how much you will have lost in 6 months say. Keep going you will get there
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Weigh in again today, before swimming this time.

I am sure that I have put on weight this time though (and I went swimming 4 times this week!), so clearly I am doing something wrong - but I think I have stuck to the plan - so going to have to go back to basics and analyse everything, will need your help!
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:hug99::hug99::hug99:Hi spotty tea pot I only lost 1lb as well and I was a bit disappointed too but I have given myself a good talking to tonight and decided to just carry on. I dont think you have necessarily done anything wrong (you wouldnt have lost if you had). Some weeks I think are going to be like that, I think I may try and vary my meals a little more, its difficult for me coz I am so fussy with my veg! I am eating loads of fruit though. Keep up those 1lbs and they will soon turn to stones, well thats what I am telling myself Sending hugs to you
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Thanks Hollys nan, lets keep encouraging each other along the way :D

I don't know how much you've got to lose but I've got 10 stone, so I think the thought of a pound a week is a bit daunting, but I am pleased to have lost something.

Thanks for your kindness xx


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Spotty Teapot said:
Well, I've been lucky and lost a pound! Wish it had been a bit more though, not sure what I'm doing wrong?
When I do lots of exercise on a week I get my decent weight loss the following week. I had it explained to me that it's to do with water retention I don't really understand but hey it worked
Keep up the good work the scales and your body will reward you

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