Weigh In Week 1 & 2!!


Princess Gilly x
Hey guys, i haven't had time to get on here since my first weigh in but thought i'd let ya all know how i got on!!
I lost 12 pounds in my first week :D :D :D then got weighed again on Tuesday and i've lost another 6 pounds :D :D :D so that's a stone and 4 pounds in 2 weeks. hehe. I'm really chuffed and knowing that it's working is making me more determined! My hunger pains have gone now so hopefully it will stay that way!
Hope you peeps are all doing well.
Lotsa love, Gillian xxx
Congratulations Gillian, that's outstanding.:D
Great results - keep up the good work:D
That is just brilliant - just think how fantastic you are going to look for Christmas! Love
Well done Gillian ... i really hope i do as well as you on Monday! I'm only on day 3 but finding it easier as the hours go on! Well done again ... what a fantastic loss!