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Weigh in Wk 5


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Not a happy bunny. only lost 4lbs this week. hope this is nothe the sign of a slow down.

My only big thing I can celerbrate is that Ive now lost 11 Stones in total.

Ive got so used to big loses I feel really disapointed in this weeks result.

Hope that this is not a sign of how my last 14 lbs is going to be. and Im now 9lbs away from the big target of under 300lbs
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I think you have done brillantly! Maybe not a big weightloss as in your previous weeks but its a loss and closer to your goal. Well done x
11 Stone my god that is fantastic i bet your well pleased 4lbs is still good that might take you 3 weeks with WW but i know what you mean compared to your other loses. it might just be one of those weeks and you get another big one next week.

how long of a break did you take?
Lisa xx
hey 4lbs is a great loss keep up the great work
4lb is still a decent loss, so don't be too disheartened.

And let's hope it's a couple more next week ;)

Brilliant achievement to lose 11 stone. That's really inspiring.


Slowly but surely!
Hi Hun, well done on your loss, I lost 4lbs too and at first I though is that all, but then someone showed me just how heavy 4lbs is, and its heavy lol :)


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Hi Burberry12;

I went on my break 2nd week of December for christmas and then US Hols then came back on 5 weeks away after putting on 10 Lbs over that time due to some good living


Here we go again!
It may not be as much as you are used to but you should still be pleased with 4lbs. You have done tremendously up to now and will be through that 300lb barrier very soon. Keep doing what you're doing cos it's obviously working. You're doing great!
I wouldnt be too disheartened with your 4lb loss, you cant really expect to be losing half a stone each week and sometimes your body just reacts differently. You could possibly have a bigger loss again next week, but the average has to fall after a certain time.

Even at 4lbs a week its still over a stone a month and the average is 1 stone per month. Keep it up hun, you are doing fantastic. 11 stone lighter than when you started - thats another person.

Keep it up and good luck for next week.


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you are all right, a loss is a loss and its going in the right direction.

I guess when you lose the same amount every week you start to believe that you will keep losing the same each week. unrealistic really as each week you have less to lose. so will keep my goals infront of me as I know you are all right and I will be at my goal very soon.

Thanks you all:):)


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4lbs is a great loss so well done :D:D:D


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4lbs is equal to 32 sausages!!!!

Good job! :D


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I think you have been spoiled rotten in the past with your big losses! Welcome to normal world! 4lbs is a fabulous loss! Well done you!

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