Weigh in...


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Weigh in this morning another 2lbs gone so thats 3 stone gone YAY!!! woop woop!!!

After a few bad days of cravings my head was in the gutter so i have decided to start refeed today (a week earlier than planned) as i no longer feel in the right frame of mind for Tfr, I still have one stone to go till target so after a my break in 2 weeks i may hop back on too tfr for a few weeks to get to my target weight!!

So roll on refeed...yay!!!
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Good for u! How long did it take? On my phone so can't see ticker or signature :)


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S: 13st13lb C: 13st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hiya yeye, I started in Sep stayed on till november then restarted in Jan and i hope to lose the last stone soon, just came off as im heading away and didnt want to just cheat as i find it much harder to get back on track!!!


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Well done Lou, see you on the other side! I know exactly where you're coming from on the refeed issue, I started having scrambled eggs most nights for about a week before my 'official' refeed as I had simply had enough of tfr.......I carried on losing though, albeit slowly:D


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Congrats lou, thats brill, im thinking i will start refeed the first week in march, Im hoping to be in the 12 stones then and plan to join w.watchers to loose another stone, im getting alot of grief now from friends and family to give up (my friend met someone last weekend who said her heart has been weakened from the diet), but i cant say ive had any side effects from being on TFR and im very grateful i found it, i think weighing 20 + stone was putting alot of stress on my heart anyway....