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Weighed in today.....

So I shifted 7lb so lost the 5LB i'd put on plus another 2lb, really pleased, met Mr Chemists first weeks target of 7lb loss just another 3 weeks to go doing the same :eek:.

Tough week ahead lunch functions and 2 evenings out entertaining US colleague who's over for visit....mmm need to be strong and deal with these 'meals' out issue......any ideas welcome! I have to be at them.
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Hi Loulou
What a great loss..well done.
Dont know what to suggest for the meals as I havent really been in that position.
I have had to attend functions, etc and just not eaten and drank water instead.

You could ask to be excused from the meal, and join them later? If it is a pub meal, that will be easy, as you can just drink rather than eat.

Sorry, not much help here, but hope all goes well and I am sure there are others will be able to help.
I have to be their but i'm sticking to it even if I have to order a green salad or something and push it around! I need to do another 7lb this week. :)
You could always use the old "stomach bug " excuse and say you are resting your tummy and just have a tea or coffee .


Here we go again!
Congrats on the loss Lou, that's great!

The stomach bug is the one I would use too, say you had some dry toast earlier and don't want to risk anything else. Good luck though.
great, good idea - thanks I may use that one..


Positivity is the key
Hi Loulou,
very well done, you must be delighted. Like the tummy bug idea also, once they don't get concerned they will get it. Could also say you had dental work done and your mouth is feeling too sensitive to eat.
Wishing you all the best with the coming week. Well done again.

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