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Weighed myself!

I have been off lipotrim now for nearly 4 weeks after my op! and I have lost 2 pounds not loads but I really thought that I had gained because I could not do refeed had to eat carbs straight away! I still can't wait to start lipotrim!! Crazy I know but I have about 3 stone to go!! And I would really like to have lost this by June!!
impossible me thinks!!

How are you all??


Hope xx
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Hi hun, lovely to hear from you again. We're all same old same old....some of us older then others...granted LOL.

If you get started soon, then not impossible at all......roll on June....You'll be three stones lighter.

Good luck xx
Hi Hope, I am relatively new on the boards so we haven't 'spoken' before. Been looking at your weight loss - absolutly phenominal! Look forward to reading about your future progress. Julia x


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p.s looking gooooood in your aviator picture hun.x
Hey Shaz my dear thank you very much!! well I am really hoping to on it middle of this week fingers crossed!!

Hey Julia welcome you will have lost your weight in noooo time!!!

P.s wanted to add a before to the bottom but im confused how I do it xx
Hiya Julia
I've just been reading your weight losses and they are truly AMAZING!!!
I only started LT on Saturday so I'm really struggling today.....but I'm determined to lose weight as I'm now the heaviest I've ever been 21st 4lbs.
I just wantd to say your posting has really inspired me
Shaz x


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Hiya honey how are you doing? What happened to you posting? tut tut lol. Great news about the loss hun thats is pretty impressive considering. Im with Shaz...great pic xxxx
why thank you!! I feel so good now! still in pain lol!! but the comments wicked!! I know Ive been rubbish with the posting!! I have to up my game!! so hows it going tracy how are you!?? you refeeder you!!



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WOW Hope look at the difference. Its good having the before and after on isn't it.....makes you realise how far you've come already. Well done hun.x


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Not quite....getting there. I can't wait to post an 'after' picture.x
Wow massive difference hun!! Im good thanks loved refeeding and still losing weight!! When can you restart? xx
I am really hoping they let me middle week!! that would be my hope anyway!! so we'll see! need to book an appointment for wed and see if I can thursday!! I know it will be hard but bring it on xx
Be a bit weird i would have thought but damn right you can do it girl xxx


weighs a lot less
hi hope glad your back and feeling a little better your pictures are fab,look how far you have already come ,wont be too long now hopefully and you can say goodbye to the last 3 stone xxx


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yeah me too!! mine is like a 3 stone to go pic lol!! how much have you got left?xx

My ticker is just Aprils target. My first target was three stone, so only half a stone from that. That takes me to 11 stone 9, but I think I may continue to 11 stone and take it from there.