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Weighing In At Different Times

Hi all :cool:

I've had 2 weigh ins so far, my intial one and my week 1 and both were around the same time and I hadn't eaten or drunk anything before I went.

Next week I have to weigh in later as my CDC has to work in the morning. It's only a few hours later so probably still won't have had a meal but I am meeting a friend for coffee and I'm wondering if a coffee or 2 will make a huge difference to my result? :coffee:

Thanks in advance x
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it will make a difference if im honest doing at night expect 2-3 pounds more

i always like to get weighed in morning but if i do at night i dont take to much worry if 2-3 pounds more than expected
I always get weighed at dinner time and by then I have had 1 litre of water and 1 shake made up with 500ml of water and I am always 1lb heavier than 1st thing in the morning
Thank you all. It's only later by a couple of hrs so fingers crossed it wont' be too drastic, but wanted to be prepared so I'm not disappointed x
I have a similar dilema. My first WI with CD will be in the evening (I was on LT and used to do WI in morning). I am expecting it to look like I havent lost at all. I am usually 2-3 pounds heavier in the evening. maybe coz of all the water. One pint of water weighs 1 and quarter pounds. So imagine if you drank 4 litre in the day??? HHHMMM.....:wave_cry::wave_cry:
Blimey it weighs that much?! Well I shall have one coffee and try to have a big wee before I go I think lol


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I have no choice but to get weighed on an evening - 6.00 p.m. on a Wednesday. I work full time. I am always frightened to eat and drink on weigh days and try to get my water down me earlier than usual so I have time to wee it out :)
I wouldnt worry about it, if you dont lose this week next time you have an early weigh in you will of lost more, its not that you havnt lost purely got food/fluid in your system. Coffee tends to come through me pretty quick so I doubt you'll be much different if thats all it is.
Think a coffee weighs around a pound depending on the size of cup.

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