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Weighing in daily

Miss V

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Me too!! I know people say u should weigh once a week but somehow I can never resist having a sneaky peek :)


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Nope Im a once a week weigher - dont een have scales in the house, I leave them at my mums.
i did genuinely start going demented weighing myself every day... they go up 2, then down 1.5, then up 3, down 2... causes me to do silly things so best off hiding the scales... out of sight.. out of mind (hopefully!!!) :D
dryads said:
I sometimes find myself standing on the scales daily. When I am really trying I like to see how my effort is going on the scales.

So who else does this?

Nats xx

I do this everymorning im becoming obsessed really need to stop so i will see a differnce.x
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I weigh daily, I feel it keeps me on track even if at the end of the week the whole weight loss may feel a little disappointing because it was no surprise

The Moog

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I generally weigh daily as well. Mostly it reassures me but occasionally I get frustrated when I appear to be 'stuck' on the same weight for four or five days.

Overall, it's good motivation for me to see how it's going and it means I don't have days where I can fall off the wagon.


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I tend to do it a couple of times a week, but I only register my weekly weigh in. Now that I have scales that do my body fat, I'm hopefully going to be less disappointed if I have STS weeks, but if I had a STS week, I'd just ignore it and wait another week and carry on as normal - sometimes the body needs longer than a week to show results ^^


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i to weigh myself every day. gives me an idea do i have more or less cals. i aim between 1200-1500. or do i push myself more at the gym.


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I find it gives me motivation and I love to see how my weight changes daily etc. I really must be strict with myself on one week and see the difference.


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I only weigh myself when I'm feeling slim... :D

But when I know I'm acting the eejit I weigh daily until I lose the excess on the excess if you know what I mean. ;) I never count that loss though, I just view it as a moment of madness and move on. My ma tells me she lost 2 pounds this week and then I found out she put on 9 this month so I see how she's fooling herself. :confused:

Do you use it for motivation or as a reminder to cop yourself on?


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I weigh myself every day, looking for an overall downward trend as opposed to a big loss once a week/month etc. I find knowing what I have weighed and ate over a period of time helps me put gains and losses into perspective. See below:


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