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Weighing - when is it the best time?


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hi sarah i do my weigh in in the mornings always on the same day mine is on a wednesday morning did try changing the days but didnt work for me so back to wednesday i went :)
I weigh in the mornings too before i eat anything:) i think i am a bit obsessed with weighing myself i do it everyday, i just cant help myself! does anyone else or is it just me?:) xx


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i used to do it every day but became obsessed and upset when ie weight went up as it does some days or never moved, hubby hides scales now till wednesday morning so as soon as i get up have a pee and them im on them its either a whooo :) or a :eek: stayed the same but for the past few weeks have lost 2 pounds so hoping this week has been a whooo!!
I weigh on my wii fit board and somedays (normally when i have put on) i might weigh myself 2-3 times in the hope it has made a mistake:eek::8855:, this week after weigh in i will try not too weigh myself for the whole week. Good luck on wednesday i really hope you have a whooo:) week, well done on losing 20 pounds so far you must be very proud of yourself xx
I weigh myself every day too, but only because I go on Wii Fit every day like emily 27! Otherwise I wouldn't, but it insists you do the body test every day.
Wii Fit does remind you that your body weight is said to change by up to 2.2lb every day though, so it recommends weighing yourself at around the same time every day, i dont think it really matters when you do it :)
I weigh first thing in the morning, before I eat, after I've had a wee! And I always weigh myself naked as well. So I'm definitely not doing that on the Wii Fit! :lol:


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Snap Rachel! Though I don't have scales so have to do it on the wii, I make sure I'm up waaaaay before anyone else, otherwise the eyeful they'd catch would give them a very bad start to their day!

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