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weight conversion


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Thats a loss of 0.8kg which = roughly 1.5lbs :)

well done girl :)


One last chance
You've lost about 1lb
1kg = 2.2lbs

1 stone is 6.36kg
i kno its 8 sauages and its butter etc but it upsets me so much im paying £25 a week being good as gold didnt eat or drink at my mums 50th this weekend and got a 'rubbish' in my opinion weight loss! ok i totally understand its still a loss and it could b muscle as i have been going to the gym 3 times a week and in 5 weeks ive gone from a 22-18 BUT i can do all this on WW!
I know it's tough but would you really go from a size 22 to an 18 in 5 weeks with WW? I know Week 1 & 2 loss can be large with WW but after that it's 1-2lbs a week isn't it? Surely there must have been something about this diet that drew you from WW etc in the first place?
Yes yes and yes, you are totally right you can do all this on ww, but look at what you have lost already? we have all hit blip weeks look at mine two weeks running, i know its a little loss but at least you have lost, some people have stayed the same.

Come on, chin up hun, will pick up again, forget it and think of next week. Just blame it on going the gym.
goreygirl the reason i came from WW to CS was i had no control i was cheating and lying to myself! CS has made me realise i have control over what i put into my mouth and how much!!
i need to have a long hard think!
Still going to gym my fat behind off tho haha x
Seems like you've gotten what you want out of it then. I'm on it for the same reason; in a way the weight loss is almost secondary. My OH is losing weight through exercise and healthy diet and is constantly asking me why i can't do the same. Think is I have done that in the past and then something rocks the boat of my routine and I lose it. So I'm doing this to try and address that part of it so that i can then continue with the healthy weight loss etc.

Mind you the fast weight loss is also very motivational :)

Good luck whatever you decide

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