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Weight-In Days

Morning all, how are you today?

After reading about people's great weight losses on the various different days you weigh, I was wondering if it makes any difference what day you weigh?

I mean, I weigh every Friday morning about 7:30am at home on the same spot in the bathroom. Someone told me this was a good day to weigh as if you have a bad weekend then you have time to get the weight off, but now im thinking it shouldnt matter what day I weigh on....right? lol.

May sound silly but its just something I have been thinking about x
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As long as you do the same thing, it doesn't really matter.

Most people weigh less first thing in the morning, and I agree about the weekend damage thing too! However, if you weigh on a Sunday night before bed (ignoring the fact you're a nutcase, clearly) as long as you always do that, your weights should be roughly consistent and give you an accurate picture of your downwards trend!

Weight is just a guide anyway, IMO. The real indicator of success is losing inches and how your clothes fit and feel, and us feeling slimmer, fitter, healthier and even more gorgeous than we already are!!!
Oh yes, I have noticed my shape has changed so much, and i love the fact im having to buy smaller clothes too.

Was just thinking that when people go to class and weight it's in the evening with clothes on and a day of food in their bellies and I do the complete opposit. So maybe im not the weight I think I am...if that makes sense lol x
Course you are!

Everyone's weight fluctuates a few lbs during the course of the day, so it's all relative. Those of us who weigh at class in the evening will be a few lbs lighter in a morning but might not know it (unless you're an obsessive weigher like me, and a few others here!LOL!)

Don't be adding a few lbs to your stats just for the heck of it, young lady!!! ;) heheh!
Cheers for clarifying that Hellie. It confirmed im bored here at work and i'm obviously over thinking *noms on an Alpen Light bar*.

Bring on the weight in tomorrow morning then. Not looking forward to it though, even though I have been 100% this week I feel heavier. Lovely.

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