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weight loss stopped


I wonder if someone can shed a bit of light on something for me. I have been on SW since February and have lost a stone and a half, with another stone and a half to go. I have been loosing pretty much a steady 1 or 2lbs a week but wanted a boost... so, a friend told me about a different diet whereby you have 3 bowls of food from a selection a day and snack on green salad veg. I did the diet for 2 weeks as recommended and lost 5lb. I started back on SW two weeks ago and in those two weeks I have only lost 1/4 lb!

I am really disallusioned and wondered if anyone knows why! Is it because I now only have a bit of weight to loose or has that other diet had some effect on the weight loss.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

thanks :)
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Hi Lucy,
I would say your body doesn't know what it's doing!!
Stick with SW and the weight will start to come off again, it has to! If SW works well for you, I wouldn't bother with any other diets. This is a healthy way to lose weight, if you want a boost - try and base your food around superspeed and speed foods!

Good luck.
Jay xx


This is really the time!
S: 26st13lb C: 22st7lb G: 13st6lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4st6lb(16.45%)
Maybe the diet you tried was more calorie restricted then SW. So, now your body thinks you are eating more calories. Just keep sticking to plan with SW, maybe add some cardio and it will start moving again :)
Thanks guys, I thought that the other diet might well have something top do with it. Really wish I hadn't tried in now because I don't know when the weight loss will get back to normal. I definitely will be sticking to SW from now on though.


This is really the time!
S: 26st13lb C: 22st7lb G: 13st6lb BMI: 40.4 Loss: 4st6lb(16.45%)
Once your body regulates and gets use to SW again, it will start shifting again! I bet that wont be long!:)
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I can only echo what the others have said, but dont get disheartened.. stay focused and positive and youl be completly fine, sw clearly works for you.. and youv just thrown your body out of sync i expect LOL. . its proberly just a bit confused.. it'l soon get back to normal and youl be at target in no time..

best of luck xxxxxxxxx
Sometimes your diet may need to change if you eat the same foods your met rate will slow down after awhile. You may not be eating enough ??. Increase your water intake this can also help.

Phil x

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