weight loss weekly


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i was just wondering what the average weight loss amount per week is for a woman. Obviously im aware we are all different but there must be some sort of average figure.:rolleyes:

Guess Im worried as got second weigh in 2morrow and think ive lost 3-4lb (it fluctuates). Is this normal now. Ive been having a bar a day, so was worrying about that too, but am still drinking plenty of water and am in ketosis.

God im soooo inpatient I wanna be 10stone now or yesterday:(

Any advice is greatly appreciated
Hi madwife
They say on VLCD its 3lbs a week or 14 lbs per month so 1 stone a months not bad going is it?
How much have you got too lose to get to 10 stone?
Yep your weight loss sounds pretty damn good to me. Didn't you start your new job this week? How's it going?