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Weight Loss - when did you notice it in your clothes?


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it was about 3-4 weeks in for me i was coming back up the drive after taking the bin out and realised my joggers where about to fall down, as i had a box in my hand i had to stop and tighten the cord could have been embarrassing :eek: as it was around 8:30 am and loads of people going by as it was school run time:)


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22lb and i was down a dress size :)


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Similar to Shabba, when I lose about 20lb I'm down into the next sizes.
It's been a long time since it happened though!
Depends on my weight at the time. From my biggest it took between 20-28lbs (17st 10lb start)
But at this weight 13st 13lbs every 7lbs seems to make a much bigger impact, clothing & image as in what others see wise xx
I think I,d lost about half a stone before I realised my clothes weren't so tight.
i'm still fitting into mine,,,,sometime soon i hope to notice tho:)
hi there, I am very similar to the posts above I notice a change in the way my clothes fit after I have lost about 7lbs and go down a dress size after a lost of about 20-25lbs!

Sharkbait1983 x
i think it depends on what exercise u do too. iv lost 6lb in 3 wks but my measurements are way down due to all the walking and swimming im doing. my waist is showing the most at 6cm and my arms showing the least at 1 cm loss, all good tho as iv lost from legs thighs, bust and all. i notice certain clothes are not as fitted but no real difference as yet but im sure it will soon enough. my partner did comment that he thought id got smaller and more toned, and i didnt even dig for it so something must be going down!! lol good luck with your journey x
Thanks folks for that. Just wanted to see when I could picture myself in the next size down.

Congrats on all the great weight losses that you all have. I can't wait to kick-start the losses off again. I've lost 19lbs since the beginning of April but I've stalled about the last 4-5 weeks. Hopefully, it will start off again. Fingers crossed.

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