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weight on SW


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I am the same I have got my boyfriend to hide the battery. Other wise im on them all the time.
I did also weigh myself before weigh in last time I did SW, i'm trying to be different this time :)


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I do weigh every morning but I am realistic as I know it will be different at WI as my class is in the evening.
Last week I thought I had only lost 1lb when I weighed in the morning but weighed myself just before class and I had lost 2lb! ( my scales are almost exact to the SW scales)


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I used to do this the morning before weigh-in. i don't anymore - after jumping on one evening mid week and being told i'd put on 13lbs from the morning before weigh-in. (in the end i'd only put on 4lb that week).

The low feeling when you see a daily/mid-week gain - just isn't worth it. the feeling that you can have a small extra treat when it's showing a good loss - that is good - until it comes time to stand on the scales in group and it's no-where near a good a loss as you thought.

Hide the scales - there's only one set of scales that matter to you know - and those are the ones in group.



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Good advice Ian maybe I should follow it after looking at your stats! Wow! well done xxx
p.s I agree that it 'ain't a diet' x


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I weigh myself on a monday morning before I leave the house to get weighed ... it just gives me a little heads up before i get there!!! I just cant bear to wait!!!


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I've made a promise to myself that this time I will only do one WI a week at my group and will not use the scales at home at all. I used to get caught up in every little fluctuation and it affected my moods (and diet!) so much so its been quite liberating not doing it, I just concentrate on one day at a time and literally don't have a clue what the scales are going to say until I get to group.