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WeighttoGo anyone?

rainbow brite

Never heard of it myself. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but hopefully someone will be along sharpish who's more helpful than me :)


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Haven't heard of it but there are people here that have lost that or near enough!
I've lost officially 3stone 12lbs in almost ten weeks here, unofficially 4stone 3 but not weigh in till Tuesday!

LT is a goood un!:D
weight to go is that where you get to eat food??????? they prepare a hamper for you with all healthy stuff in????? x

rainbow brite

Weight to Go

Just had a quick glance but looks similar to LT

rainbow brite

I lied - upon closer inspection yes they do seem to deliver the food to you directly.


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hmmm wonder if it has soya in lol x
The food looks nice but expensive! And having a little read says you can lose about 3lb a week so doesn't seem that great when Lipotrim is cheaper and you can lose more.
Exactly. LT seems to be the best thing out there, the best that I've seen at any rate :)
Yup it is :) And I love the shakes!
Wish I did lol
lol awww why don't you like them?
Have you tried the soup or flapjacks?


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what are the flapjacks like?
Haven't tried the flapjacks but tried the soup and was left grossed out. I'm just very very fussy when it comes to 'food' so I'll just have to grin and bear it until I either get used to the taste of them or I get to my goal - whichever comes first lol!
lol awww. I know what you mean about the soup. My first week I was only given chocolate and chicken soup - Not going near the stuff from now on :p

I really like the vanilla/strawberry and chocolate shakes, especially when you have lots of ice - like ice cream :D
You'll get used to it don't worry :)


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chocolate shakes heated, my fave!! x
sebs - how long have you been on LT? x


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6 days today!!!!
can't believe i've lasted. lol
WI tomorrow :D can't wait!!

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