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Well here I go....day 1 of many!

Day 1!
And I'm so hungry I just treated myself to a litre of water! that did the trick.
Hoping that I can hang it out for another 1/2 an hour before having my first shake of the day!
Not quite sure how I'm gonna space the shakes out and dreading the first meal I cook for the family! But I've got 5 stone to lose so I need to be strong!
MM x
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hi and good luck

maybe you could halve the shakes so then you have 6 or 8 smaller shakes a day depending on wether you have 3 or 4 packs a day, some people find that helps, i had to have 4 a day so wasnt too bad for me.
Keep yourself busy too and drink plenty :D

Best of luck on your weight loss journey
Good luck moving mountains!! You can do this - the hunger soon goes, just stick with it. I split my packs have half of one at 9, another half at 11, half my second at 1 and the other half at 3 then I have my third pack in the evening all in one go around 7/8pm.

Keep drinking the water - it's your best friend now xx

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Drinking plenty of :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: really does help the hunger pangs as spooky said once ketosis kicks in usually about day 3 the hunger will subside.

Good luck....xxx
Day 2...bring it on!

Well, day 1 was fairly painless! 6 litres of water is too much for me though so going to cut down to just 5 today.
Enjoyed my shakes choc mint, vanilla & choc hot.
Got a tetra freezing at the moment which I'm looking forwatrd to having for a late lunch!

:thankyou:for the advice and welcome.

MM x
Hey moving mountains .... keep it up! You're doing soooo well x
Day 3...blimey this diet is hard!

So I flew through days 1 & 2! BUt today I'm struggling! I'm hungry, ratty, have the headache from hell and just want something to eat!
If I see another glass of water I'll scream!
But I'm hanging on in there...dying to jump on the scales:scale: but am going to resist the tempation until weigh in day and just hope I will be pleasantly surprised.


Wants to be a loser!
Hey MM,

The first week is usually the hardest but if you can push through the side-effects the results cd brings are worth it :D.

In the first week (was just a lurker back then too afraid to post lol) minimins was my saviour - everytime I thought I could not take it anymore and wanted to pack it in I looked at the before and after thread to remind myself of why I was doing this and what fantastic results can be achieved if you can stick to the diet.

Good luck with the rest of the week and I will look forward to hearing about your week 1 loss!

Take care xoxo
Hi Moving Moutains, I know how you feel, i started Cd yesterday so am now on day 2, had to cook my son cheese omelette 5 mins ago and it smelled so good. I am sat here drinking loads of water in the hope that it will fill me up. I have 7 stone to lose so its going to be a long journey. Good luck with your journey, I have read that once day 3 is over it gets easier so hopefully you will feel a bit better tomorrow:)
Morning MM,

It's day 4 for you now isn't it?? How you feeling .... stick with it, it's soooooooo worth it in the end and once you're in ketosis it really is a doddle as you'll feel rather lively and full of beans xx

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