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Well i joined but doubt i will go back


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I walked in looked around the people taking money and the lady weighing (who turned out to be the leader) looked at me as if I had **** on their car bonnet. Finally decided that I had to fill in some form and tried to decide which queue to stand in. Decided to pay first. Waited for 10 mins and was then told I had to get weighed first.
When I got weighed there was a couple behind me who could blatantly see my weight and then was talking in hushed tones in their language blatantly about what a fat b1tch I was.
The leader then asked what weight I wanted to be and not wanting to say it out loud I said I had no idea!
Then decided to stay for the meeting as I had no idea of the plan still. When she spoke she was actually really encouraging but I had no idea what she was on about and when it finished it was only cos I was packing up my son that she quickly went over the system.

I have no idea what I am doing.
I understand I have 36 points per day I can't carry over.

But what's this 49 points? People who were talking about using them had put on? So what's the point jn them?

It could be cos I have had 2 hours kip as usual on a tues (night shift followed by a quick 2 hour nap and up with bubba for the day) but I am cofused and feel like I have wasted my money?
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Oh dear, I wouldn't go back after that. Is there an alternative group you could try, they do vary a lot I've found. Having said that, it is perfectly possible to do it without.

The 49 points are a weekly pot. You cam eat them as you wish or not use them. WW say that eating your daily points and weekly points will lead to a loss. In reality some people do seem to have problems if they eat them but works really well for others. For my first week I decided to use about half of them.

I don't actually go to a WW meeting, I still weigh at a SW group as started there. Really I could do it at home. I use the app for my phone and a pair of scales and that's all I ever use now. Good luck and I'm sorry about the experience you had there.


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aw hun dont worry it was your first meeting and after a week you'll know where you are with it.

you have your daily's which for you is 36 so these are the points you are allowed each day.

then you have 49 weeklies ( the same for everyone) so if you go over it's not a big deal as it just comes out of your weeklies.. or if you have a meal out / take away you can know you have these.. i think of these as my buffer zone.. it also means that should you have something high in points it's not the end of the day as long as your weekly's covers the total.. AND you dont spend the rest of the week feeling like a failure !

In essence if you stick to your daily's, track everything and not use more than your 49 weekly's then you'll loose weight.. as your new to PP i defo recommend planning your meals for the 1st week, double check everything. and write it ALL down.. dont be dis heartened by the meeting sometimes my leader is all chirpy and helpful the other time ( if running late) she can be quite curt.. as for the whispers give em summat to talk about next week when you have a FAB loss.

Hold your head high hun they are there for exactly the same reason xxxxxxxxxxx

plus if you get stuck the people on here are fab and always very helpful..
Is that your only class in the area? It's been a while since I did ww in class but when I did sw there was always a talk before the main class.

The 49 points are your weekly allowance. Points on top of the daily ones. I'm still to get to grips with these, whether or not they hinder my weight loss or not!


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thats complete bullshit... how on earth does anyone get away with that kind of behaviour as a leader?! If you are really unhappy you should report that stupid woman. And the people attending the class should ruddy know better... that makes me SO ANGRY and I personally would have told the pair of them to piss off.

If you can you should attend a different class and explain what happened.. any good leader will be able to assist in any way they can.

The points system will seem a bit confusing at times, but just go with what it says on your folder.. Don't worry about what other people have done etc. Let yourself get settled on the plan before you decide to tweak it :)


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I would check if there is another class in the area. When I first started to go to meetings, I had an incident where, as I went to stand on the scales, i lost my balance and the "helper" weighing me said loudly "You know leaning forward alters the reading, do it again!", then at the same meeting, I decided to stay behind and have a chat with the Leader as I hadnt been able to stay the first time, after half an hour of waiting (I was the only one there), she came over and said "yes, do you want something?"..... Needless to say, I never went back to that meeting.

On the plus side, I did go to a brilliant meeting 3 years ago, then the Leader left and someone new took over, she looked disinterested and when taking a meeting, she talked as if she wanted to be elsewhere, so once again, I stopped going. I now do it online and I am coping ok.

I keep my 49 weeklies for when I am going out for a meal with friends, or for a weekly "blowout" where I eat chocolate, crisps, sandwiches til Ive eaten all 49, lol! I have come to a halt after 6 weeks though (the last 3 weeks I have lost 0.5lb) so am trying not to eat all of them this week.

Plus dont forget, you can also earn Activity Points if you feel you need a bit more. My tracker is set so that I use my Activity Points first, then my weeklies.

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