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Well.... it started off well....


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I had only eaten 10.5 points by 8pm tonight, wasn't hungry, everything was healthy and good. I was planning a no point vege curry and rice. Yum!

And THEN.... my sh*t of an abusive ex husband rang to basically yell at me over nothing and make me cry :(

So now I have eaten:

Take away Chow Mein 7 points
3 Treat Size bags of Buttons 1.5 points each
2 mini Callipo lollies 1 point each

Nothing healthy. Nothing good. 13.5 points of crap!


What a rubbish day this turned out to be :(
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You cant let them get to you because they win every single time you have a take away. I know its easy to say but you need to show him what he lost because he will revel in your misery!

Today is a new day :D
Shabba is right, comfort eating in the long run will make you comfort eat more as you want to lose weight but aren't as your comfort eating then comfort eat as you put on weight?

I have an ex husband like that, we haven't spoken for 4 years so maybe that's what you should do , we have 2 children but I won't ever speak to him, get caller Id so you never have to talk to him.

My partner doesn't really want to marry 7 years it's been and I used to turn to food everytime he used to make it clear that his one day we will meant we won't , in the end comfort eating made me really fat no confidence depressed and what for, he has commitment problems not me he's middle aged never married , lime your ex he has the anger problems not you, do this even when lifes tough to give you the body and happiness you deserve?

Next time you really need to comfort eat look at a pic of you now and an old pic of how you want to be? Stick them where the food goes and ban takeaways until your in the headspace of doing this forever xx


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Thanks guys. I wish I hadn't done it, because in the long run it means he wins.

He refuses to deal with anyone else, I think maybe he likes being able to get to me. I want things to be normal for our little boy and I never say anything bad about his dad, but it's so hard still having him in my life. He's not a nice guy and it seems he can still have a real impact on me even though I'm now happily married to a lovely guy who is also a great step-dad.

I hate this :(
It's his problem if he won't deal with anyone else, ask social services to deal with him, you may not say anything to your lil one but he will be well aware of the atmosphere and your ex may say things you dint know? I wouldn't let the bully bully you anymore , maybe ask your health visitor for advice?x
I think you did really well. If that had been me it would have been a curry, bottle of wine and a GIANT bar of chocolate and throw in a tube of pringles. You can most definatley recover from that blip. We all have them its OK you can still lose this week too. That would be a finger in his face.


I want to be fitter again
It is interesting that when we are emotionally and physiaclly abused, whatever the circumstances, we do it to ourselves all over again by eating more. You don't need to abuse yourself someone else is doing a good job of that. You need to nurture yourself and find "real ways" of doing that. Vent your anger on paper before you reach for food. write it down read it and then if your are able to rip it up. A positive affirmation for you could be I am worth more than what i am doing to myself right now. How would a friend treat you knowing you are trying to eat healthily? Would she bring you chocolate or an ear to listen. Listen to yourself and don't let anyone keep you in a lifestyle you are not happy with. xxx


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Thanks guys.

Todays been a bit crap too to be honest. I know I shouldn't turn to food, but I can't seem to help it.

Yesterday I was 1.5 points over and today I am (gulp) 9 points over. I'm so so mad. Tomorrow is weigh-in day as well. What an idiot!

Thanks for all the support. I hope I don't gain because of two bad days, but we'll see in the morning I guess :(

:( ahhh,why did you go over today?Maybe trying to lose weight atm isnt right and you need to feel less pressure? Last year I spent it losing and gaining 10lb off on off on until I had 6 months break.
I hope you have a good result tomorrow x


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I suffer with depression and one thing (like my ex husband) can really tip me over the edge into having a bad day mood wise. If I have a really low day then sticking to the the planis a LOT harder. Anyway, I'm off to weigh now. Fingers Crossed - I was 100% for the rest of the week so we'll see!

Kate x


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Well, I'm back from weigh-in and I lost 2lbs! I'm so relived, but I know that the blip might not show up until next week so I'll be extra good this week to make up for it :D

I'm not going to let some mean ex put me off track!

Thanks for the support xx
I am really please that you lost this week, try and be extra good this week to ensure that the blip doesnt show up.

I know depression is a hard thing as i suffer myself from it, i was lucky enough not to be in an abusive relationship but unlucky to suffer abuse at the hand of my stepfather. I'm 25 now and it still affects me.

Be strong and think of what you want ultimately and try let that motivate you. I have found that doing something relaxing like knitting or reading really stops me comfort eating especially on a low day.

Good luck
Well done , yes be really good this week so it stats away.
I suffer from depression but im much better than I was, try and remember healthy foods exercise and weightloss really dies help depression as it's a chemical imbalance in the brain. I think you did great going to weigh in and well dine :) xx


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Well, I'm back from weigh-in and I lost 2lbs! I'm so relived, but I know that the blip might not show up until next week so I'll be extra good this week to make up for it :D

I'm not going to let some mean ex put me off track!

Thanks for the support xx
Congrats on the 2lbs that's amazing :) well done!

I blame men for most woman's weight gain :D .. comfort eating all the time! Damn them! .... but i'm sure us women are to blame also for theirs lol.

Hope it gets better for you with the ex, at least your happy now with someone knew and your baby boy is leading a happy life that's all that matters. Good luck for next week! xx

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