Well ive made my mind up!


Reached Target. woohoo
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Welcome saraian24, i don't do it at home i go to class find that works for me better but people are different and lifestyles don't always allow as much freedom but you will do great by being on here and getting loads of advice and tips. xxx Loobylou


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:welcome: to the SW forum. I go to class because I know that if I don't, I wont follow it properly. I have tried and failed in the past. You can take your little one along to the classes if that would help.

There are a few people on here who do it from home. The best thing to remember is to vary your diet as much as possible as your body will get used to the same foods and it can effect your losses. The recipe sticky at the top of the page is excellent and if you have any Syn queries, pop your request in the Syn sticky and one of us will answer it for you.

Good luck!


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I do from home huni n this site is great...

Good Luck with it all



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aahhh good luck with your slimming world journey xxx


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:angel09::angel09:I am a homie lol.... But I am not alone as I get the help from everyone on here and they all keep me going and inspire me.

Lots of support here and always normally someone around.

Wishing you lots of luck on your new eating regime... and Welcome !


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Welcome aboard hun. It is a really good eating plan. xx


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Thanks girls. I would go to class but its not just little one, its making sure im home in time to pick the eldest up from school (the class is in next town and i have to rely on the bus!) the class is on at 1.15 and its making sure i am there to get him.
When i pass my driving test it wont be a issue and would happily go to class - but at the moment I just cant.
Thanks for the lovely welcome though ladies and look forward to joining you.


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Good luck on SW hun,i think might be some old WW members joining here soon as from Monday WW diet changing and some not happy. x