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:cry:im so annoyed! i was 100% all last week whenever i felt like picking i ate fruit, i have to say i had more fruit than normal but apart from that not changed anything. And i gained!! 1.5llbs i was so upset lastnight in weigh in. I was expecting a good loss this week and that happened. Has this happened to anyone else with the fruit? :confused:
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Mrs V

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:hug99:Awww, HUGE HUG!

Try not to be too upset Hun. I sometimes find that if I have a green day on weigh-in, I weigh heavier. Also, in the past when I weighed in the evening, I didnt eat after 5pm, so that the food would have a little time to digest.
If you are eating lots of speed fruits, you will have a great big loss next week. Try not to over indulge on grapes or bananas.


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thanx hun i think ur right a lot was grapes and banans plus just about every other fruit there is lol
We had a different lady running our class lastnight coz our one had something planned or something. And when i told her the only different thing i had done was eat more fruit than normal, she was saying i promise u its not the fruit are u sure theres nothing else?? like as if i had cheated and hand on heart i was 100% so that annoyed me she made out i was lying.

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
It really bugs me when you have stuck to the diet 100% and then you gain.
The consultant (regardless of the fact that she was covering), should have been more supportive.
Just put this one behind you and wait for the huge loss next week. :hug99:


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Hi sweety :patback: sorry you gained this week. When you have fruit try the super speed ones like strawberries, rasberries and melon as they speed up your weight loss. Also are you near time of the month that usually makes you temporarily heavier. I also find that red days make me lose more. Best of luck for next week.:)


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big hug mate cos that does suck :hug99:
Its so unfair when that happens. Just try and not let it dishearten you for the week ahead. Often when this happens to me i just think "sod it " if i'm gonna gain when i food optimise 100% i might as well gain by having a few naughty things!! It's all psychological. Dont let it mess you around this week. Stick to it 100% again this week and u should have an good loss next week, Laura xx


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thanx girls, i have had loads of strawberries and melon aswell as the other fruits, i spent a fortune last week on bloody fruit! im just gonna eat apples and grapefruit this week i think. I have just got my book out and wroted down all the ss foods and im gonna try and have as much of them as i can this week. Im so annoyed i tell ya. Im glad we dont have her every week if i had cheated i would own up and say well i had this and that but i never. oh well weebles wobble but they dont fall down lol


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WHEN I DID sw GRAPES AND BANANA oops caps sorry... grapes and bananas always gave me a rubbish losses and had the same effect on a few other ladies. do what u did this last week but with other fruits and i bet u get a great loss next week :D


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awww hun :hug99: for you :) sounds like youve got a good plan for this week, best o luck hun

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