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well totm has finally arrived, talk me away from the chocolate!!


Hi its me again
A little late in arriving, (no didnt think I was preggers, due to my op last year, if some of you remember)

Well finally here today. Feeling a bit lousy and have got to go to work as well!!. I will have to satisfy myself with a choc shake to curb my chocolate craving.

Anyway hope you are all doing well today. At least my scales are still moving in the right direction, when I checked this morning.:rolleyes:
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You're doing fab, you can resist!!!
Have a good day xx


Gold Member
resist!! ha. you'll be just fine hon. chocolate isn't the answer. and if you can get through the cravings at the beginning of cd you can get through the totm ones :)

abz xx


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Ok this may sound silly but when i really crave something i imagine it in it's worst state possible....so for me the idea of a a big dirty ashtray, spilling over with stale cigarrete butts is repulsive, i also hate hate hate mushrooms so i imagine the chocolate sat in the ashtray with mushrooms on top....like somebody has emptied it all into the ashtray and it's all over flowing and looks gross. That usually does the trick for me and although i think what the hell am i doing i really concentrate on it and the taste of it until i feel sick......ha ha now i sound like a nut job, but if it keeps my hands out of the cupboard then it's all good.xx


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maggots. maggots on something make my brain run away. but mainly the thought of getting to denmark and shocking everyone in a couple of months. that's what's keeping me going!!

abz xx
I think having a choc shake to throw off the craving is brilliant and the way to do it, I know you wont give in, early night under the duvet with a good chick flick is in order :D
I reckon all these tips for keeping away from food are ace, I wish I had thought of them. well done all you 100% ers, keep going x

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