WeMitt Charity Trek


I STILL mean it!
We discussed this on DHH and also in Birmingham, but I think we should start chatting here about who would seriously like to take part.
The place or time is not yet decided, but next October time, and the Great Wall of China has been suggested.
I think it would be wonderful if a group of us, who have had serious weight problems in the past, could do something like this.
From memory, I belive that myself, texasgirl, russiandoll & mary dolphin expressed an interest - please forgive me if I've missed anyone out.
Who fancies the idea????? Would anyone be prepared to keep an eye on this thread and make a note of interested parties?
We could then maybe have a mini-discussion group about it in Birmingham.
Anybody know anyone who would be willing to publicise it for us and raise some sponsorship money?????
Ann x
I'm still definitely interested depending on when it is. I'll be in my second year at University next year so it would be great if it was around half term (or 'reading week' in Uni) ... I could probably afford to miss a few days or even a week at Uni but I don't think I'd be able to miss a couple of weeks and then have to play serious catch-up.

Reading week falls in October so it could well be viable for me depending on the dates.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to take on such a challenge? As someone who found it painful to walk more than a few yards at my heaviest, I think it would be an utterly amazing, life-changing experience.
I would definitely be interested in doing this Ann. I have often looked at these charity trecks/bike rides etc and really fancied the idea.

Me and some colleagues were chatting the other day about the fact that I should do something/go somewhere to note my 40 birthday which will be September next year.

Please add me to any list that you start about this.

Hi guys, you might already know this, but I am doing a charity bike ride in November for RNIB. I cannot recommend them highly enough as they have been very supportive and helpful, and are very well organised, plus they are a fantastic charity. If you look on their website and search for overseas challenges, you'll find all the info you need.

I'm getting v v nervous, I have to say, but a year ago, I struggled to cycle to work, and in 2 months time (and 4-5 stone lighter than a year ago) I'll be cycling 250 miles in 5 days! I struggled to go to the corner shop by myself a year ago - and I'm flying by myself to cycle with people I've never met!! I have a feeling I will be quite emotional by the end of it!

I think it's fab that you are going to do a Wemitt challenge, and it is proof (not that I needed it), that we women rock!
I would love to join in something like this. I look longingly at the "Trek....." brochures on a regular basis but so far havent had enough gumption to do it. Theres one advertised in the SW mag, its a bike ride across india with Dr Winston for womens and babies illnesses. I would be very interested if the forum members were to do this.

I would love to do this, finances permitting as I doubt I will raise enough charity sponsorship (I think you can do it that way!). China or Peru would be my preferences as both are on my places to go list.
Hi Everyone

Just a quick post. I am most definately up for a charity event, china and peru would have been my two choices too...but have just found off I am off to Beijing for new Year so I can tell you all about the wall when I get back! Also going dog sledding and skiing in Lapland the week before so can let you know about dog sledding too LOL! (although I am confused as to what effort is needed to dog sled compared to trekking? isnt it the dogs that do all of the work)

I think it would be an amazing achievement for us all and what better way to celebrate the weightloss than by seeing somewhere new and raising lots of money for a good cause!

I think that's a grand idea Ann ... it would be a fantastic endorsement for the diet wouldn't it.

Wonder if any TV companies would be interested in the story .... hmmm
That looks amazing Suzie!!

One to add to the list of possibilities folk??
Oooh I would love to do this !!
Even though I have never been able to have children-I would love to do something towards this charity, my small way of, hopefully, helping towards any research and development of treatments for women who are and will be, in the same situation.
Don't know if I could raise the funding. ?
Going to see if I can raise 75% of it and then apply to go.!

Fingers crossed!
I would love to do something like this!!! It would be amaaaaaazing! An experience so rewarding and so memorable!!

I love the idea that it is for charity!!!

How much would it cost?? I only work part time so this would be my biggest hurdle.