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went totally off the rails.

It started earlier this week when my daughter passed her gcse exams and I had chocolate cake.

Since then all i have been able to do is think about food. Then last night I went out. Managed all night on 3 quid as I drank water from my own bottles, but the night was not good everyone else was in couples and happy (this is the first time I have been out since my partner died in April) so I came home and ate chocolate hobnobs. Then felt depressed because I had sigh.
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oh hun....

First very sorry to hear about your partner. That is a very tough time to get through and I wish you all the best for grieving.

Remember that you are only human. We all have moments of temptation and occassionally we take them. Pick yourself up get back to it and you will succeed. You have done incredibly well so far and you are nearly half way there. Perhaps try a couple of days on 790/810 and then back to SS+ or SS. You can do this.

Keep busy, go for a walk, a massage maybe and guzzle that water.

Aw hun, really sorry to hear about your partner!
And your allowed down days so dont feel bad about it!
You can always get back on track and just think of that end goal and u will get there even with some down days!! xx
Please try and be kind to yourself. Allow that you will not do this perfectly all the time. You must be dealing with such strong emotions of grieving and being a Mum etc. You have achieved a great weight loss, put yourself gently back on track by reminding your self how strong you have been and you can regain that strength to get back on CD. Best wishes.
this is a long road with several speed humps along the way and you've just caught one

Put it behind you and carry on doing as well as you have been

Big hug x x x
I think if I had choc hobnobs in the house I'd have to have some too - so at least you cheated with something yummy :)

It's hard when you have something to eat because the hardest part of the diet is getting into ketosis for a lot of people. It also reminds you of food.

Just remember it's not a race and you'll still get to where you want to be with minor indescretions. Cut yourself some slack, as it sounds like you've had a tough year and you did well to avoid temptation whilst you were out x
Hello ziggyzoo

Reading your post made me think what a strong person you are to start CD after your very sad bereavement. I am pleased that your daughter has made you (and herself) proud with her GCSE results.
As other CD-ers have already stated, be kind to yourself after a little error and get back to CD with full gusto.
Best wishes x
Thanks everyone I am just so mad with myself more than anyone that I allowed loneliness and emotion make me eat. I am sure I will be fine.
Sorry for your loss. Keep the water up x x

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Hey hun, hope you are feeling better today. It seems it's been a difficult cd time for loads of us on here so come on today we can do this. Lets get back on track, forgive ourselves for our blips and look at a bright sunny future in the land of slim together.

Also get back onto The shrinking thread hun. We're starting the September Slimathon together so come pop in lets all support eachother.

Big hugs honey xxx
Awww, sweetie, I'm sorry that your partner died.

We often use food to help us deal with emotions and I'm sure that the cake you ate on monday was partly for that reason too. (Celebrations often mean we feel bereavement more acutely as you wish they were there to join in:()

Taking on SS is tough at the best of times and you have my admiration for tackling it so soon after your loss.

On a positive note, you have acknowledged that it's not the food that's the problem it's your grief. It might be that the comfort food gives you is entirely what you need now. Or you could look at other ways of dealing with these emotions....Sometimes what you need to do is have a really good cry. :cry:

Either way, please don't beat yourself up for being human and having feelings....

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