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What a fix


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Did anyone else try to vote tonight on the XFactor ?
I tried all night , voting for Rydian , , first said high demand , second time the line was busy and third time just dead .
I think Rydian should of won by far tonight and when your vote never got counted and more peoples votes,:( its not giving you a true result .
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I don't think it was fixed, just that the phone lines were overwhelmed by callers. I am so glad Leon won, he was a lovely lad and will go far. Rhydian was spooky, had a good voice, but had operatic training, whereas Leon only started singing 11 months or so ago.
I had to keep pressing redial to get through. Me and my mum voted about 6 times for Rhydian and we were gutted he didn't win, although in retrospect at least he's not tied into that contract and can be more in control of what he does. Besides at least he doesn't have to release that goddarn awful song that is the X-Factor single. Why is the song that they realease always so cheesy?????


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Besides at least he doesn't have to release that goddarn awful song that is the X-Factor single.
I didn't mind the song, but it wasn't suited to Rhydian. Though I think Rhydian is very adaptable, it didn't show off his talent.

I think he'll do really well, but probably not in this country. Most of our really talented singers do better outside Britain.

Leon is sweet, but I don't think he'll do well in the industry. They'll walk all over him and he'll be another Gareth Gates. He's not a showman and his voice isn't exceptional enough to carry him through the years ahead.

I think there are two things you really need to do well if you rise to fame this way. One is star presence (or the x-factor;)) aka Robbie Williams, or you need exceptional talent.

Lovely and cute Leon is, he doesn't have either. I wish him well though.


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Leon will become another shane ward really not doing well , Also who remembers steve who won a few years ago , think thats going to be Leon , he is not a great singer , also using the sob story about his mum being single when she brought him up , Rydian didn't try that game . After all i have been a single mum and now its the way of the world . But really we will never know who was ment to win , as the judges said really its Rydian . As results were not counted we will never know .

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