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What a letdown!

YAK!!! I have just had a caramel bar, I really didnt enjoy it. I was waiting for the kids to go to bed, I made a nice cuppa and sat down with my first bar chopped in to little pieces and.........urghhh I didnt like it!

I was gutted and ate it any way, did I pick a bad flavour or are they all a like?!
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Awww are they not nice?? I was looking forward to week 3 when I could have one :(
I suppose its personal taste again, I hated the soup, others love it.
I guess I had built the bars up to be something amazing, and they it wasnt lol!
I love all the bars except the caramel one so hopefully you will feel the same. I especially love the orange and toffee ones, a bit too much actually!

Laura x


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it is down to taste i have tried the caramel ones and the chocolate orange and even though i like them both the chocolate orange ones are best i feel more full up after them (silly in my head i know)
That's a shame - have you got the other flavours to try? Don't give up on bars because you don't like one! I like them all apart from cranberry but peanut and orange are my favourites!
I've tried the peanut and the orange bars so far and I love them-especially the orange. I've still got the caramel one to try and the cranberry. I had chicken and mushroom soup tonight and it was yummy. I also like the spicy tomato. Strange really because I don't usually like soup! At least it gives me something hot and more savoury as the shakes are too sweet to have all the time.
I got some toffee, peanut and choc orange bars too.....they are ideal for work, so hopefully Ill enjoy these more than the caramel one. Isnt it funny how we all have such different tastes!


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I can't stand the crunch bars, they are just too hard. In fact one broke part of my tooth and I needed a cap (minus loadsamoney too)

However, I lurve the softer bars though I found the choc one a bit boring but it's just great to have a mobile meal.

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personal choice :) I do find with the chewy bars that freezing them for a little while - not totally, already chopped up or refrigerating them really helps :) they're more like chewy sweets then :)

But my all out favs have to be cranberry 2nd place, and peanut first place! ;) :p I love them!! again though I refrigerate them to make them take longer ;)
I really liked the Toffee bar, tolerated the Caramel bar and gagged at the peanut one..........just goes to show we are all different!


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I love the peanut and cranberry, but all of them are nice... couldn't have got this far without them! Keep one in my bag at all times for emergencies! Otherwise, I have them as lunch and look forward all morning to them!
I really look forward to them too. I have mine at dinner time though. I can usually be really good while I'm at work and not think about food-it's when everyone's eating dinner that I miss something. I save my bar for then so I feel like I'm not missing out!
sorry but I wasn't over keen on the peanut one sigh, but I will try some of the others. Just in case anyone is interested, I made a toffee and walnut up really thick, made it into small balls and froze them, then made a chocolate one up really thick, dipped the toffee balls into it and froze again..........bloomin yummy. Probably not meant to do it but I've been having a couple each evening, really takes that sweet craving away, and cos theyre frozen you can suck em and they last for yonks xx
I don't actually crave sweet things any more. The one thing I haven't missed is chocolate and I definitely don't crave it. Everything I crave is savoury-I'm so glad that I like a couple of the soups because I was beginning to dread having to have a shake for dinner. At least I can have a bar or a soup now.
I couldn't stomach the orange bar - had to bin it! I quite like the toffee & caramel bars. The more I have them the more I like them. Think your taste changes as you do the diet. Just don't chew them too much, they start off tasting yummy but if you chew them til they dissolve they taste icky!