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What am I doing wrong?

I would say that 4lbs in 4 weeks is the sort of weight loss you should be expecting from SW - I know it can get a bit disheartening when other people have amazing losses, but averaging a pound a week is well over 3 stone a year lost. You are not obese so chances are the weight will take its time to come off, no quick fixes with SW I'm afraid :)


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Your food diaries look ok, maybe not enough superfree food on EE days and maybe not eating enough on the other days. Someone might be able to spot something i haven't!


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4lbs in 4 weeks is a fantastic loss as prawnchopsuey has said, so don't be too disheartened! Your diary looks OK to me, Chocolate Button is right tho more superfree on E/E might boost your losses a bit :) x
Thanks for the replies guys, though it's only 3lbs in 5 weeks :)

More superfree is on the agenda for this week - going to hopefully limit my syns to 5-7 a day and drink more :)


Not evil at all
I never limit myself on syns unless I have to after a flexi day or whatever. Sometimes having less syns can be more damaging than having more! I would just go with the flow and have however many you like a day as long as it's within the 5 - 15 limit :)
I've just had a quick flick.

When you have weetabix minis & state a dash of milk is this from your HEXa allowance or are you syning it.

Also for the first few days you mentioned you drink tea, is this black or with milk from you HEXa allowance or syned.

And as previously said more 1/3 free food.

Well done so far you shouldn't be dissapointed, a loss is a loss :D
The milk is usually from my allowance. I have a cup that measure 250ml, if I use more, then I'll syn the milk, but this rarely happens.


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Ive looked too and seems fine to me - my advice would be drink lots of water and maybe stick to just red/green for a week - i had a 1/2lb gain with EE and after a week of red and green got 4lbs off

Chin up chuck - loss is loss x x x x

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