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What am I doing wrong?

Hiya, iv been on weight watchers for a few weeks now! Lost around 6lb the first weeks and now I am stuck! I can not get past 10.3 and I don't know why!!! I eat my 29 points a day and don't very often dip into the weeklies! I really don't know!! Has anyone else got the same problem or is there any advice people can give me? Thankyou! X
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Sounds silly, but have you thought about making sure you eat your weekly PP allowance too?
You might not be eating enough (no I AM being serious here lol)...
do you drink plenty of water too.....that can have an effect on your weight loss. Plus if you eat the same foods all the time, your body might have become used to it, so maybe trying different types of food might boost you loses.

Good luck x
I've done half of my time so far living alone at uni, and half at my parents, and the biggest difference I've noticed was that I never/rarely had bread living alone and seemed to lose more (though that could be attributed to the start of the diet, but last time I tried to lose a bit of weight it seemed to be the bread too). So maybe that's worth considering?


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I too lst 4.5lbs in my first week, then have struggled to loose anything or STS. i keep to my points and rarely use my weekly allowance and exercise like hell. The effort is not reflective in the reward.....my leader said eat your weeklies, i did....lost 0.5 and felt bloated. next week do less exercise, so i only went to zumba 3 times and cycled the other days, lost .5. So last week decided no more bread or any kind, no bagels, no WW bread...nothing and this week jump on my scales at home 2.5 down.....bizarre! Then there was no WI to show them my efforts or share this news with....so let's hope by Monday next week, there will be more lost.
Someone said, that bread and some other products can slow your metabolism down and at my age I need to only eat things and do exercise regularly that speed it up so the fat gets burnt off. So if this is any help, try it , give yourself 2 weeks of no bread or anything similar and see what happens. Increase the exercise to help kick the metabolism into gear...good luck :D


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As soon as I cut bread & bread type products from my intake the weight started to come off! x
try to keep away from processed foods as much as possible and eat more healthier options of meat ,fish ,eggs and veg.
I struggle to eat my weeklies too, sometimes I struggle to eat 29 points a day, what is there that will eat into points that won't have me feeling uncomfortably stuffed? (I'm not a chocolate lover).

Boo....random question, do we know one another?
You could have a whole milk latte or something like that? That'd eat up a few points!

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Mmm latte hehe :) x

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well in that case if you're not eating processed food i.e not eating much bread or sweet things or packet meals, you're eating loads of veg and lean meats and exercising.
then like the others have said, you're just not eating enough.
do you have a diary?


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Boo....random question, do we know one another?
Mmmmm not sure - depends where you're from hun. Your location doesn't show on your info. x
Yes I have a diary! I'm wondering if it is cos I tend to eat the same things every day! I'm gonna try and mix it up abit somehow! I eat soup every day for lunch but might try something different... Does anyone have any ideas? Xx
ok found you're diary but there is only one days food there.
if you start writing each days diary of foods you've eaten, peeps will have a look and see where they can help you,it's difficult to judge on one days food.

also if you add any exercise you've done it'll show a broader picture.

with the help of the lovely people in the diaries you should be back on track in no time :)

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