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what am i going to do if......


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i havn't lost again...its WI tomorrow ( week 2) and 13 out of the past 14 days i have been a SW angel. im not sure i can take another STS again.....1st 2 weeks on plan and i lose nothing ?????????

im half tempted to have a sneaky look now but i know i will be heavier anyway than tomorrow am, but if i dont see a loss i am going to be gutted.:cry:
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Try not to worry, if you have sts, maybe you should do a food diary so you know exactly what your having. Have a look through the books again, are you weighing all your healthy extras? Having enough s/free?


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yeah, after last weeks sts i became a bit obsessed - all HEX's get weighed, drinking at least 2 litres of water, only snacking on s/f - even tho im doing red days im still making sure im having 1/3 s/f with my meal so i know im getting enough fruit and veg.

I was like this when i did the plan last year, i was going to class then and eventually after checking my diary religiously and after i lost 2lb in total after a 12 week countdown ( i was very tearful by this point!!) she said maybe it wasnt the plan for me and once she said that i left the class. i just thought i would have another go but im really worried she was right in which case i cant keep kidding myself and need to get sorted!!!!
god, nothing is ever bloody simple is it ??!!:boohoo: lol x


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don't give up yet, Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for your body to sort itself out. Give it a few weeks where you're making sure you check all syn amounts and measuring xtras and see what happens. I know what you mean, it never is easy, i went as far as doing lighter life (a few years ago) lost 3 stone in 3 months, then as i moved and didn't finish the diet properly put all the weight on over the next couple of years and then got pregnant and added more on. Good luck for wi. try not to be disheartened, talk to the c about it (is it a different one?) see what she says.


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did it really Josh????

Im starting to think im a bit crap!!!! but i know in my heart of hearts i have stuck to the plan with only 1 wobbly day.......we shal see what the scales say tomorrow......

thanks for all your comments
All I can say is have faith in the plan! Trust that if you do the right things you will be rewarded with a loss. If the plan didn't work we wouldn't be here on this forum lol! Good luck for weigh in and let us know!


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Hi Stephie77
I noticed that you were doing slimfast. Perhaps your body is just adjusting to getting food/proper meals again. Your body may be holding onto everything your giving it in case you stop again a bit like starvation mode (where you gain weight as soon as you start eating after starving yourself because your body stores everything in case of another starvation phase) Maybe by doing slimming world and eating healthy you have not gained anything. I'm not sure if this makes sense but the same thing happened to my sister in law - its my own theory!
My guess is your body just needs to get used to eating real food again after Slimfast. When i started in Jan, i stayed the same a lot and then would only 1lb it was a very slow start but after about a month i had a 3lb weight loss and if i stick to plan i can normally do 2 or 3lbs each week. Stick with it eating healthy has got to be good for you.

One other thought maybe you could post a food diary on here daily for 1 week so we could all check you doing everything okay and maybe give you a few pointers.
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I was going to say something similar regarding your body having to adjust to 'real' food again, but, others have already mentioned it.

If you have stayed the same what you do is 'Keep to the code', oh, hang on thats a line from pirates of the carribean, I meant to say 'keep to the plan'. I don't believe that some people are immune to how it works. I do think that different approaches mean different results though, for some following EE will work, others will find that mixing red/green days up will get them the results. You hang in there, and you keep working until it works for you, we'll be here to offer different options (well, those who've followed it longer may help more than me on that point) and we'll offer emotional support too.


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Nothing to add to what everyone else has said just wanted to wish you luck at your weigh in and please pop on and let us know how you get on! xx :cross:
I Lost 2 big fat pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im surprised you didnt all hear me shrieking for the top of my voice at 7am!!!!!!
I am not a SW 'freak' any longer - i have a loss!!!

Woo hoo.


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YEAH!! that's fab well done. :D You should be so proud of yourself, when the going got tough the tough stuck to plan and it paid off! Well done for keeping your head and not 'blowing it' cos it's very very hard when you know your doing it by the book and you don't lose, I for one would have prob thrown in the towel before now, its why the support on MiniMins is soooo valuable :) x


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:bliss:Yay for losses xxx