what are they like?


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I like them, I love the spag bol, love the lemon bars. I really like the caramel shake and the chicken soup is nice. I hate the veg soup and even just the thought of it turns my stomach!


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Love them all....wouldn't reorder the veg soup....but have a few packs to get through!


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Slim and Save is my first ever VLCD so I can't compare to others, but so far I like or love most of the products. The meals are the best, especially in this weather. All three are lovely though I do add black pepper to the cottage pie. The soups are... gross, really. I could eat the chicken one if I had nothing else in but tomato and veg are horrible. The shakes are lovely, sweet and creamy. I've tried choc, vanilla, caramel, red fruits, vanilla and the two crispy ones. I won't be buying the red fruit again, it's too strawberry and there's a reason I didn't get a strawberry one! Didn't try the others though. And the bars are (mostly) lovely! I love the choc trufa and lemon, like the honey nougat and really don't like the mueslli.

I ordered the sample pack then 1 week to check it all out and tonight I'm making a full month's order!


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I like the spag bol and love the chilli (shame we cant have rice)i have come to dislike the cottage pie and the smell! i like the banana, crispy vanilla, caramel, cafe latte shakes and i think the choc crispy shake is ok. I cant say for the other ones yet as iv not tried them. Oh the porridge is also good. some people add cinnamon but i add nutmeg, it gives it an egg custard taste.


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I have only ever tried S&S!

Porridge :D :D This one really fills me up!

Vanilla Shake :)
Chocolate Shake :)
Strawberry Shake :D

Lemon Bar :D
Chocolate Trufa Bar :D
Nougat Bar :(

Soups - Don't know not had the nerve to try them lol

Spag Bol Meal :D
Chilli Meal :D
Cottage Pie Meal :)


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I love the crispy choc and the normal choc shakes. Also the caramel one - the red fruits one is ok but just tastes of strawberry so I won't order many again.

The lemon, chocolate and nougat bars are lovely. Muesli was a bit cardboardy.

Chicken and mushroom soups are ok esp if you blitz with veg eg mushrooms. Not tried the others yet.

Porridge was ok but I needed cinnamon and sweetener added. Hard to get the consistency right too! Ive found out how to make it into a cookie and that was delicious!

Spag bol - bleuch - i've arranged a swap for the rest of my packs! I don't like chiilli anyway so haven't ordered any and not tried the cottage pie yet -maybe tonight!!


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I have the chocolate, strawberry, vanilla shakes. Love them all. I must be one of the few who really loves the Vegetable soup! Also have chicken and mushroom, both yum. Then there's the porridge, my favourite and finally Banana bars. These are all sourced from Kee Diet, Be Yu or LowCarbMS but when they are used up, I'm heading to S&S.
PS I think if any of them weren't selling they would be discontinued? So someone likes all of them!


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PS I think if any of them weren't selling they would be discontinued? So someone likes all of them!

Er no, I think there are just loads of us with piles of the ones we hate in our kitchen at home :)


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I asked and we aren't allowed a swap thread :(


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Come to think of it, using my theory someone must like that scary tomato sludge, as Victor Meldrew would say - unbelieveable!!