What are your favourite snacks?

What syn free / low syn things do you always make sure you have in the house for those times when you really need something to nibble on and don't want to spend too long in the kitchen preparing it?

My go to food used to be salted peanuts, but they're syntacular and totally not worth 4 syns for a measily 10 nuts!!

So, any suggestions on what I can buy on or pre make batches of would be kindly welcomed :)
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rainbows holiday buddy :)
asda cheese curls (like quavers) 3.5 sins per bag
minimilk lollies 1.5 sins each ....which means you could sit and watch a film on a saturday night and eat 15 of these and still lose weight ;)
mini twister lollies 2.5 sins each
quorn picnic eggs - only 1 sins each and really filling.


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Spicy potato wedges.... free on a green day..

Lots of fruit... really into grapefruit eating it like and orange.. yummy and is SS

Tin of tesco spaghetti... couldn't believe it was on 14p a tin and free on green and taste better than the heinz version!


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I binge on boiled eggs, cottage cheese, and aldi yogurt.
I try to keep a slow cooker of soup on the go much of the time, and also keep cold Quorn sausages in the fridge.


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Tesco do these roated soya beans which taste just like peanuts and they are a quater of the syns of normal peanuts. They are lovely. A popular snack is cucumber and carrot batons dipped in smooth low fat cottage cheese with garlic and herbs.

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Roast chickpeas in oven with your fave spices on,when cold great to nibble on!
Just had a big plate of potato wedges with a sprinkling of paprika, yum! Hard to believe they were free :D


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aplen light bars (3.5 syns each or 2 for hb)
asda good for u banana and almond cakes (2 syns)
asda curls(3.5)
my coke zero keeps me going to


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Alpen Light, Bananas, Yogurts!



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I've just found out that Asda Good For You pretzels are 4 1/2 syns per 28g bag.