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What are your group meetings like?


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Hi everyone.

I'm on week two of Slimming World and I just wondered what other people's meetings are like. My first meeting was just an hour and a half of the consultant going round a room of approximately 70 people and telling the group how much weight each person had lost that week, each time followed by a round of applause. I must have clapped 70+ times in that hour and a half.

Am I being unreasonable by feeling a bit disappointed with this? I didn't feel like I got anything out of it at all. I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and at the meetings we used to talk about different foods and recipes, strategies, our goals etc., but there was none of this at Slimming World.

I didn't stay to my second meeting last night, I just went to get weighed. I really like the Slimming World plan itself but I expected more from the meetings. If every meeting is going to be like that, I wonder if it's worth paying a fiver every week just to use their scales; then I worry that if I stop going to the meetings I'll drift off track and give up!

Is anyone else's meeting like this?
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I have to say that I usually enjoy meetings but when it's a massive group as mine is, you can get a bit fed up of clapping every week. Our consultant is great though and hands out recipes as well but by the time we've clapped everyone in the room, I've sometimes drifted off which is terrible as everyone should be proud of their losses etc. Not really an answer I'm afraid but just letting you know your not the only one who sometimes feels like that. x


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yea mines prtty much the same but smaller group so when someones hd a good loss the consultant asks what they eaten and recipes etc.... but with you having large group your not getting that..


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Ours is the same, but it's a smaller group and very friendly, so everyone gets to know each other quite well, which makes a real difference I think.
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Ours is similar but luckily it isnt a huge group.

Normally we'll take it in turns and discuss our weeks, food etc. But there is normally about 10 of us so not too bad.

This week was the biggest group I've seen in 12 weeks of going, there must have been just over 20 of us so its was very quick just with weight losses and speaking to new members.

I know by next week half of them wont come back or stay for group though.

I really like my group, they are so friendly and nice.


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I really dont rate the sw meetings compared to the WW ones, however it is a better plan (in my eyes) so that makes it even i spose

Mine was the same which is exactly why I did stop going. Got fed up of clapping! LOL

And I think if you feel you aren't getting any support then £5 a week just to use scales is a bit silly :(
I too was a bit overwhelmed and disappointed after my first meeting. They start at 5.30 and the first half an hour is used for weigh ins and new member talks, after that, its Image Therapy, which is usually, like you said, reports of gains and losses, but the leader talks to those who have done well or badly, asking what was different about this week, and also mentions products that have been asked about in class, or that are new and how many syns etc they have. This week we didnt have Image Therapy because we were having a taster session, which I was quite glad about coz I didnt have the greatest loss ever this week, but we discussed the recipes for what people had brought and it was fun.

Use the weigh in time usefully. Get to know other members, talk about how they did, make a few friends, and that makes a world of difference.


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Even though it's a big class my consultant makes sure that she talks to everyone. She always asks them what they did different if they've had a gain or lost more than usual, asks them what their plan for the next week is and how much they'd like to use. The group's pretty chatty too so you can guarantee it's going to go off tangent at some point as well! This however means that although the doors open at 5.45 for people to start weighing I often don't get home until about 8pm. Quite nice since it's my 'me' time away from the kids but you sometimes wish some people wouldn't chat on if you want to get home!


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I'm afraid this is the format of the majority of SW classes. This is the basis of Image Therapy. It's actually very useful, it's when you pick up tips and see where you can change what you do.
If you've had a bad week you'll find that you are not the only one, it may be something you've done wrong and didn't realise it or it may be totm or something but whatever it is, the discussion will help.
Likewise if you've had a good week you can share what you have done and help the other members of the group.
The clapping may get a bit tiresome but if you've had a good week and lost a few pounds, or had a bad week and actually gone and stayed to group, then you deserve a clap IMO.

If you don't stay to group then you don't get your money's worth and don't get the support you are paying for. It's group support as well as that of the consultant.


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my class is very busy.. my consultant just asks who's lost half a lb this week, people who lost puts up there hands and then we clap... she then asks who's lost a lb.. 1.5lb.. 2lbs etc etc.. that way we dont need to clap every individual.. we'd be there all night lol.. she also does a wee talk each week about something different and asks different members about there week. it is a friendly group and its good craic.


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We have about 70

Not massively impressed with the interaction but met some fantastic people who have done it and pass on superb tips.

I think as I spend more time there will enjoy it more n more


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I find the meetings a bit boring to be honest as there are a couple of people who just take over. Last week two women must have interrupted about 5 times! Grrrrrr.
Our meetings are hilarious, mainly because everyone is such fun. Including our consultant. We had a sausage tasting tonight, then we went through the weight losses/clapping, etc. Then the raffle, and Slimmer of the Week. Then anyone who wanted to say anything got an opportunity. A few information points, and it was time to go home.

I was speaking to a consultant the other day whose group had got very large (good for her - she is a great consultant!) and she had made the decision to split her group into two. She discussed it with her group in advance and asked who would like to come at 6 p.m. and who at 7 p.m., and the numbers were about equal, so she went ahead with it and it seems to be a success. She was concerned because with so many people she felt that she wasn't giving people the attention they deserved - now she can.


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I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and at the meetings we used to talk about different foods and recipes, strategies, our goals etc., but there was none of this at Slimming World.
You get all of this from Image Therapy. If someone has had a good week they will be asked how they did it strategies, we often get asked if anyone has tried anything new or people will volunteer a new recipe and we always discuss our goals, especially when people get their awards.
I really think you need to give it time, get to know the people at your group and interact. You won't learn anything by not staying.

Each to their own but I love it! :D
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I agree with Jaylou, Image Therapy is exactly what the name implies - Image Therapy...You are there to improve your image and in doing that you are receiving "therapy" from the other members of the group.

Even though they won't admit it most members love receiving a clap even if it is just because thay have come to group after a bad week.

My consultant usually does goes through any awards she has to give out, then introduces new members and then asks if anyone is pleased of what they have done this week, even if it was a gain that was minimalised by actions taken.

At this point she will ask if anyone is struggling and is looking for ideas and that opens the floor for an open discussion of tips, strategies and recipes.

We then discuss our new finds in the shops and answer any queries members have regarding the eating plan such as New H/Extras for members who do not have internet access.

As a member of the social committee I tend to pick up on what people are feeling at the scales and can pass that info on to the consultant, as sometimes members are too embarrassed to raise an issue themselves. The consultant will lead the discussion round to that issue.

IMAGE THERAPY sessions are really what you make them, your consultant needs their members input etc.

Regarding WW from what I remember, I believe they are given by their Head Office a topic to discuss each week and this I found could be to the detriment of helpful discussion with members as I found that the leaders were concentrating on what they had been advised to discuss. Also it appeared to be in the form of a lecture rather than an open discussion.

Thats just my opinion.

Had my say, am now off my soapbox.



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Mines really boring. Banks holiday Monday there were 3 of us that stayed to meeting, and that included my friend and me. This week there must of been around 10 of us.

I'm begining to wonder why I bother going? I'd love to say it's because my consultant is so good but to be honest he isn't, I get the feeling he's just in it for the money. :(


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Mines a big group too around 70 - my C asks who wants to share losses etc, asks a few people how they did ( maybe if they struggled the week before ) we then have a chat about a topic - maybe weighing certain food or recipes, then anyone who wants to can ask questions, SOTW and raffle then the C is available for 20 mins after for a personal chat.
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Sounds like most of our groups are similar.
To be honest, when I first started going, I found the IMAGE therapy bit a little boring and far too 'clappy'.
But over the weeks and months, I have come to absolutely love it.
The reason...I've got to know people, I am happy for their successes, I want to offer support if things have not gone well, I am learning!!!
Group sessions seem to be an awful lot about what you are prepared to put into it. Yes the C has a big part to play, but if the Group is not prepared to make any effort then it will be flat.
This week it was my turn to have the spotlight and it felt fantastic!!
I've got new friends, we have a facebook group where we post ideas and recipes and I love my Thursday morning session now.
All I would say is, make the most of it!! xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
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I do think you should stay for group mind - I see a fair few people pay and leave every week! To me your not paying a fiver just to use the scales - you can do that in Boots for 50p!
We pay for support, tips, help, inspiration and a friendly chat in my opinion!

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