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What are your magic numbers?


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S: 16st12lb C: 16st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Coming on the forum, I've noticed that I've become obsessed with numbers so I thought it would be interesting to look at what they are for each of us. These are mine:

I only have 1 life and I want to live it the best I can.
I have 2 hips I need to protect.
I have 7 lbs to lose before I become "overweight".
I have 8 weeks until my weekend in London when I want to have lost a total of 28 lbs.
I want to lose 10% of my weight.
I want to fit into a size 16
I have lost 17 lbs so far.
I don't want to be fat and 60.
522 posts on minimins since I last came on so there is always so much to read and help. (God bless minimins)
1300 cals is my daily allowance.
2300 cals is my BMR
There are 3600 cals in a pound of body fat.
I need to eat 151,200 less cals to reach my target weight.
The diet industry makes about $100bn a year and I want to stop giving them my money.
1,000,000 reasons to lose weight and 0 to stay the same.
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Billiant post! Great Idea!

Mine are...

1lb is my first goal, just to see something come off! and I'm taking it 1 day at a time.

3 Children that need me to be fit and healthy!

23 points (ww) is my daily allowance.

I'd like to fit into a size 10 even if just once and I maintain a size 12 afterwards.

4 stone of FAT that I need to shed!

I'd kill for a 27 inch waist again!

1 promise to myself that I'm going to do it!


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Love this :)

3lbs to lose this week to undo last weeks disaster
5lbs to get to my 5% goal
16lbs to no longer be overweight
4 days left of work until the holidays :)
92lbs - A weight I must never be again
220lbs - Ditto!
7 Days until I get my first car!! :D :D


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S: 15st6lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 27.2 Loss: 2st9lb(17.13%)
Oh my God I love this thread!!! thought I was the only person who had a complete obsession with numbers!!!. Most of my day is spend humming and hawing over various numbers/ amounts...

5 foot 8 is my height

13 stone 5 lbs is what I currently weigh :(

11 stone 10 is what I weighed this time last year.

Size 8, 10 and 12 clothes are all packed in 3 large suitcases upstairs waiting to be worn again.

4 is the number of fabulous months I have the privilage of knowing our baby boy.

4 is the number of years I have the privilage of knowing my beautiful little girl.

8 weeks is the length my first pregnancy of 2009 lasted. :(

40% is the amount I need to get in order to pass both of my law exams for my degree. (next week results....):rolleyes:

1st of November is the day I have to go back to work after maternity leave.:(

5 months left of maternity leave.

I have been dieting (this time) for 4 months.

I only lost 22 lbs in those 4 months (minus last week)

10 days is the length of time I am on Lipotrim.

7lbs is the amount of weight I lost at my first LT weigh in (disappointed) sooo

I have lost 29lbs since (two weeks after) ds was born.

9 stone 7lbs is my dream weight. Although anyone I tell says its too thin :rolleyes:

19th of June is the day we're going to the wedding (and I really want to look nice :()- most of the reason Im doing LT

16 days is what I have left on Lipotrim (and counting - its haaard!) before refeeding for a further 7 days.

12 stone something is what Im hoping to be next week

I need to loose 6 lbs to achieve this.

7th of August is my 2nd wedding anniversary and also big family party for my uncles 50th (so want to look nice)

7 stone is the amount of weight I lost in 10 months on here in 2007.

10 stone 10 lbs was the lowest I got to.


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S: 16st12lb C: 16st12lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you all for your brilliant numbers. I lie awake at night reciting mine so its good to know I'm not the only member of the Mad McMad of the McMad clan. xx

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