What BMI no does male normally goes for?

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    Hi all, i am new here, this is my first post, i am not sure what the rules are here so sorry if i break them, also english is not my first language but i will try to be as fluent and clear as i can.

    I am 24 year old asian male. The reason why i stated my ethnic is because i somehow feel ethnic matters alot in terms of how skinny you look like. I am not trying to be racist , but in general i find that asians have to have lower BMI to look skinny compare to african americans or white americans. I am not sure if this is due to the bone mass? or maybe for example alot of african americans has alot of muscles (muscle weighs more right?)
    so feel free to tell me what u folks feel!

    a little info about myself, i has always been skinny before i go to the states, within 4 years i think i gain more than 60 pounds. I am 6 feet tall, and was 225 pounds in jan. for the first time in my life i started to lose weight , in the past i already try to gain weight (ya that was dumb). Luckily i am now 180 pounds (bmi 24.4) and alot of my frds in the US tell me i am gd with my weight. However frds back home (asia) tells me that i still look chubby, and thats why i posted such thread.
    anyway i am hoping to lose around 10 to 15 pounds more in the next month!

    PS: i know how inaccurate bmi could be, but i am just curious what people thinks about it (especially male)
    whether a bmi of 22 is too low? or stuff like that
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    Well, if YOU feel better at a lower weight go for it; if you feel ok the way you are now just mantain. 24.4bmi is healthy, especially for a male (males tend to be better at slightly higher bmi's comparing to women).

    Check out you body fat if you're worried and, then, you'll have a better idea if it would be useful to loose some or not.

    Do you exercise? Because muscle weights more than fat, so with exercise you can have higher bmi with little body fat :)
  4. KD

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    Yes, Asian BMI is different :) Check here.

    Asian BMI
  5. bobl15mps

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    i just checked KD's link, asian's healthy bmi's range is actually 23 not 25! meaning according to that asian bmi 24 is still overweight!

    i have been exercising alot, i think i do around 2 hours of basketball or gym or hiking or badmintion like 5 times a week for the past 4 months.

    i have been into sports since really small, i am almost a full time athlete before i go to college. One thing though is that i dun seem to have muscle, when i do alot of exercise and am skinny , i am just skinny, but not muscular at all. Is it because i don't do much weight lifting stuff? or i do in the gym now is riding the bike and the tread mill.
    also how do u calculate body fat? do i have to buy some sort of machines?

    thanks so much for responding
    this seems to be a very active forum!
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    My scales calculate body fat % for me. I just stand on them, they send a teeny electric current through you, measure the resistence, and from that they calculate the % fat.
  7. Aline

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    As was said above there are some digital scales with that function and that's the most accurate way to mesure body fat. But you also can find some formulas (if you google it) that ask for gender, mesurements around different parts of the body and level of activity, and those ok too. If you choose to see the online formulas make sure you look for one complete (the ones you only enter height and weight aren't accurate at all).
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