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What CAN we have?

Hey all,

I've been reading loads about other VLCDs and as they all basicly work on the same princable yet some allow, suger free chewing gum, coke zero, boullion etc?

I knopw LT doesn't allow it, but wondering if any of you lot dabble with any of these?

I know the idea is to retrain your pallete etc but in my eyes, anything that makes it a little easier is a blessing! -to me, everyone's different!

Cheers skinnies!
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Hi Daisyhappy

Well in a word...nuffink!
What we CAN have is a really fast weight loss which I suppose is really the name of the game.
Other VLCD's are not as rapid as LT, some may argue this is not a good thing either, but at least its motivational. Other diets are so slow and for me personally that's where I give up in exasperation!
'Tiz hard tho this LT, not a walk in the park that's for sure, so hang in there with your mint tea, fizzy water....mmm, sooo exciting...haha :p
nope just great super strong deccaff coffee and drink 2 to 2.5ltr's of water each day.
Not forgetting any and all Green Leaf Teas which are readilly available from any and all Supermarkets.

ps the truth is I do have the odd day where I struggle to drink the water aswell as sometimes feeling full after drinking half a mug of tfr shake

Goal 1 = to hit 16st exact done:D
Goal 2 = " " 15st " done:D
Goal 3 = " " 14st "
Goal 4 = " " 13st "
Goal 5 = " " 12st "
Goal 6 = " " 11st "
Goal 7 = " " 10st "
Goal 8 = " " 9st 7lbs refeed and maintain
Goal 9 = pass my Theory Test
Finish Line = learn to drive and pass my Practical
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oh and Lipotrim is the only one that Doctors used to put patients onto up until 10/ 15yrs ago when it became abit more readilly available through a number selected Pharmacies across the Isles
are losses on LT really quicker?
I was going to go over to exante but if this is the case...
Ah, I know I know :(

Just all this talk of Buillion on other threads made me think, if thaaaat's ok...what else is!
Starlight! I got Bouillion and OH MY GOOOOD!!
I think you've saved me from demise!!
It's absolutley amazing! Thank You!! :)
Do you know any other tips or tricks??
Hiya Starlight.. They estimate a stone a month for women, and 1 and 1/2 for men.. What are they on Exante then?
Isn't it a life saver Daisy!!! lol

I think it is only advised you have 2 a day (i am not sure).. but i could have it instead of shakes!! lol x
phewf! thanks for clearing that up! x
Well done Starlight!! WOW!! x x x
I will find the thread(s) for you Abbie, and post them on here.. It is yum!!!!!!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> runs off to find them