What did you used to eat?


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Has your diet changed dramatically or are you just making healthier choices now?

I am obsessed with spice which means I love curries and chillis so I'd often have an indian takeway or frozen curries - always with chips.

I think what I have turned around completely is my takeaway consumption. Easier on the pocket as well as the hips!

Other than that I wouldn't say my diet has changed dramatically, I'm still having lots of chicken and spice (although I haven't started making my own curries yet but give it time...) but I'm having jacket spuds instead of chips - which I used to have with everything!

I was very lazy with my food choices.

Is there much difference for you with what you used to eat compared to now?
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Deffo - we used to have a takeaway at least once a week maybe more - we both work long hours and by the time the kids were in bed we would both be too knackered to cook, so it was easier to order in. But when you work out how much you are spending - it is scary !
That is why the slow cooker is now a godsend, we have had two nights of fantastic home cooked food at a fraction of the cost of a takeaway , and at least I can control the syn values etc..


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I'm going to buy myself a slow cooker when pay day comes.

We used to spend a fortune on take aways - not to mention the syns!! And the amount of chips I'd have in a week could feed a small country :8855:

I would eat crisps and haribos just because I could too.


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My diet has changed drastically. I used to eat crisps, chocolate, take aways etc.

Having said that, I still weigh what I did last October so I must stick to this now!!!


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I've always eaten quite healthily I suppose - always cook fresh stuff rather than packet foods, plenty of fruit and veg, etc. But I used to eat big portions! And I used to eat a chocolate bar a day, and often a bag of crisps, and I used to cook with lots of olive oil, bake cakes with butter and sugar, etc. And probably a take away a week...curry, chinese or pizza, or eat out once a week. Oh and the wine!!!
I just wouldn't be careful. And I didn't really exercise much either.

So now I just cut out the naughty stuff and follow an original or green day, and I find that quite easy! That's why I heart SW!!!


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I think it's made me cut out the rubbish. I've always liked healthy food, and the majority of our meals have always been cooked from scratch. But inbetween meals I've always been on one long snack, and it's always rubbish food.

Like a couple of others, we usually had a takeaway once or twice when we'd been too tired to cook. Last night was a night where I would have rung up for a takeaway pre-SW, but did a quick jacket potato and baked beans instead!


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Tonight is one of those nights, I have had my 2 year old at home with an ear infection, so we went out for lunch.... squid and salad for me but then I ate half of little one's burger, and lots of home made chunky chips with aioli, and two large white wines - bugger the sins..
I've come home with both the boys - now eager to see who can make the most mess and NOISE... I am sitting here with another glass of wine.... if the slow cooker wasn't on, it might have been takeout..but no - be prepared..
You might have a blip - or several in my case -but you can still damage limitation by being prepared..

Hark at me - I should wear a halo - only thing is - it would strangle me at the moment :eek:

SW is not a diet - it is a weigh of life !!!


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I was a terrible eater, now I think about it.

Being single, cooking wasn't a priority and much more of a chore. I'd order takeaway or have fast food 3-4 times per week. In addition, I'd have at least one chocolate bar a day and often two or three.

I even used to have bad lunches/breakfasts. A sausage barm at my desk for breakfast and something with chips for lunch!

So, it's no wonder I got to 16 1/2 stone!

But, it wasn't all that difficult on Slimming World to get down to 13 1/2, which is just in the healthy BMI range for a male of my height. Another stone to go will be okay - but it's keeping it down there that will be hard....

As bad as this sounds, and something I obviously need to work on: I still miss my sausage barm, chocolate and takeaways!


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My food choices haven't changed that much on SW as I was dieting before. If anything I eat loads more than I did before, I was limiting myself to 900 cals a day and then allowing myself one night out drinking per week and on that day I wouldn't eat anything except for maybe a banana so that I could drink guilt free. Not a particularly healthy way overall but I ate my 5 a day 6 days out of 7 and had very low fat intake - however I had zero metabolism.
The way I ate that led to the inital weight gain was HUGELY different to the way I ate once I decided to lose. I used to have a ham and cheese slice as a mid-morning snack, drink of choice was cider and I wouldn't think anything of eating a family bag of doritos in an evening. Pastry and booze were my huge downfalls to the extent that I now don't allow myself to ever eat pastry. SW works really well for me as there is no option to exchange food for boozy nights out. :)


Where's Skinny Minnie?
S: 12st11lb C: 12st8lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st3lb(1.68%)
:eek: Just reread that and I would like to point out that I'm not an alcoholic lol.
When I gained my weight I was 19-20 years old hence the cider drinking.
I only go to the pub around twice a month so it's not like I'm sitting here with a vodka bottle calculating my syns lol.
just kidding :8855:


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You might not be but I am... only joking.

Everyone has their vices and each of us are different, and we change throughout our lives...when I got divorced, the 2nd time, I lived on my own and didn't eat. I would have a bottle of beer in the bath and then maybe a fish in sauce pack or something... got down to less than 9 stone, but not very healthy, although I was going to the gym every day and working hard.. couldn't do that now...


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I've eaten really quite healthily for the past 3 or 4 years, I'd cut out full fat things years ago, but we got into the habit of having a drink of wine most nights, and then of course that leads to cheese and crackers! Now we're limiting alcohol to saturdays only, but I still succumb to the nibbles! It doesn't do as much damage but it certainly slows down my weightloss.


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Since new year I have stopped drinking mid week. I may well sound like an alky :8855:
I used to drink almost every night, even if it was just a glass of wine, just for the sake of it - to "chill out". On a weekend I would have more because it was the weekend... Ah what a life eh?
I took a long hard look at myself, what I was drinking and the food I was eating and gave myself a kick up the backside. Drinking saved for a weekend, cut out the junk food and here I am! :D


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my general food wasn't too bad but i would feel stressed and pop to shops and get a bottle of wine, nuts, crisps, chocolate and jelly gums, i had to have some of everything too, no matter how full and sick i felt afterwards. We used to have take aways a few times a week and a lot of creamy sauces with our pasta oh and garlic bread. Lol ignore the first sentence when i said my general food wasn't too bad!!!
Before my dad died, I used to eat relatively well. Mum would always serve up huge portions - but it was usually good healthy stuff. I was a tiny bit overweight, but it didn't pose a problem at the time. When I lost my dad, like a lot of people I turned to comfort eating. I'd eat anything and everything. Cheese, chocolate, crisps, bowls of cereal and sandwhiches just of an evening. The first few months we were all in shock, my Mum became depressed and stopped cooking so much. Often meaning everyone would have to fend for themselves. So it was usually sausage and chips from the chippy! The usual 2 slices of toast became 3 or 4. The usual one packet of crisps became 2 or 3. Microwave meals and chips replaced the frozen veg in the freezer. Everything got seriously out of hand. Eating for me was always used as a means for taking my mind off my loss. So when I got to 15st 7lbs at the age of just 15 it was time for a change. Especially as my dad passed away from a Heart Attack caused by coronary heart disease. I'm now looking forward to embracing the plan and eating a lot healthier! xx


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Before starting SW my diet was very poor. Lots of fast food, unhealthy sandwiches, crisps, chocolate and not a lot else to be honest. Plus I used to drink about two litres of diet coke every day. Now I'm eating right and limit my diet coke to one or two cans a week.