What did your LO eat today (weaning)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy Without The Pounds' started by mrs-s, 15 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Just thought we can write down what were giving our LOs now a few of us have started weaning, might give us some ideas we hadn't thought of I know I tend to stuck in the same things to feed especially when freezing stuff x
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  3. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Today teddy had

    Breakfast - 7oz bottle

    Lunch - 1/2 pouch hipp cauliflower, carrot and peas, 7oz bottle

    Dinner - 1/2 mashed banana mixed with abit of strawberry and banana porridge, 7oz bottle (drank 5oz though)

    Bedtime - (will have 7oz bottle)
  4. beccaharrison89

    beccaharrison89 Gold Member

    Today Amelia had
    7.30 Bottle of milk
    10.30 baby rice 11.00 bottle of milk
    1.00 Sweet potato and beef pie (Heinz jar) 1.30 bottle of milk
    4.30 bottle milk
    7.30 bottle milk

    Still trying to get her to bed but hopefully be asleep by 9 and then she will be dreamfed at 11
  5. beccaharrison89

    beccaharrison89 Gold Member

    What time is teddys bedtime norm hun ?
    I wondering when Amelia gonna go to four feeds as she was spreading out well with 5 but now started wanting more often again so confused
  6. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Around 8ish he goes, he used to be on 6 bottles when he woke up at 2am and 6am then he started missing 2am then about 10 weeks he started going later and later til we got to 9am and 4 bottles a day, iv just been lucky with him Jesse doesn't sleep through every night yet. x
  7. beccaharrison89

    beccaharrison89 Gold Member

    Amelia has 5 bottles norm , only been putting her I bed early the last two weeks and he doing well. She finally went to sleep at 8.45 and now in going to sleep , my oh in work til 10 and then he will come in dream feed her at 11 and she will wake around 6.30-7 ish
  8. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    I really don't se point of dream feeds my kids throw up if I feed em before there ready, I just think they will wake when they hungry and I wouldn't like someone annoying me making me eat something when happily asleep, everyone's different though some people swear by them. X
  9. beccaharrison89

    beccaharrison89 Gold Member

    I dream feed her as her last feed is around 7 and I think that's too early for her to go through don't u ? Health visitor said jus wake to dream feed and she will go through, I leave it four hours til I dream feed her norm anyway
  10. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Teddy has his last feed between 7&8 normally after half 7 though and he sleeps through til 9am at least. X
  11. beccaharrison89

    beccaharrison89 Gold Member

    I suppose I need to try it one night and c what time I get to ha
  12. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Teddy had

    Breakfast 7oz bottle

    Lunch - cauliflower, carrot and peas, 7oz bottle

    Dinner - plum baby blueberry, banana and vanilla, 7oz bottle

    Bedtime - 7oz bottle

  13. beccaharrison89

    beccaharrison89 Gold Member

    Amelia has had today

    7.30 bottle of milk

    11.00 bottle of milk and banana

    13.30 bottle of milk and sweet potato

    16.30 bottle of milk

    18.00 bottle of milk

    Amelia's feeds are all over the place this week, she always goes four hours but last few days she crying for feed two n half hours later. Think she might be going through a growth spurt, it has even very hard this week she been crying a lot and very crabby too. I can't even get a routine for her bedtime at no with the way she feeding however I put her down at 18.45 and she fell asleep on her own by 19.30 so not too bad and she didn't fight it. Will c if she lasts without waking till my partner comes in at 11 to dream feed her.
    I've read a lot on Internet about a lot of four month olds start to wake through night after sleeping through, has anyone experienced this ?
  14. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    I wudnt worry if she is waking during the night, as long as she seems well it cud many reasons change in her routine, eating more solids, growth spurt, teeth etc im sure she get back to normal soon x


    8.30 am 4oz formula

    10.00 am baby cereal

    Slept for nearly 4 hrs

    2.30 6oz milk

    4.45 butternut squash, carrotts, homemade apple followed by 5oz of milk

    8.00 didnt want any formula and as fallen asleep.
  15. beccaharrison89

    beccaharrison89 Gold Member

    No she is not waking through night at mo we wake her to dream feed about 11 and she goes through it was jus I was saying that what I been reading on Internet . Amelia seems to have a lot more feeds than others .
  16. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Try not to compare her to other babies as long as she's feeding well, she maybe just a hungry baby and need the extra, how much does she weigh now? babies who feed well during the day usually sleep well during the night, Hollie's a really fussy baby lol xx
    Last edited: 16 October 2012
  17. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Teddy meant to be on 35oz but he only takes 28oz he should have 5 bottles but only take 4 he isn't a big drinker never has been he was 15lbs 1 two weeks ago on the 25th centile and just above 9th for height x
  18. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    On the other hand Jesse used to have 9oz hungry baby 7 or 8 times a day xx
  19. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Ah bless teddy, Hollie was 16lbs nearly 2 wks ago she's only had 15oz today she really fussy with her milk and only takes wot she wants on a good day she have about 24 oz but on other days she's take alot less x
  20. mrs-s

    mrs-s Gold Member

    Teddy usually has 28oz which is 4x 7oz bottles but sometime will leave an oz or so at a few feeds depends on his mood, I'm not worried as he sleeps through and is thriving in all areas so he must get what he needs x
  21. Cas3

    Cas3 Gold Member

    Thats wot I think too as long as she's happy and gaining weight, I think she gets full quite quickly she as 4 x6oz but sometimes she may only take 4 or 5oz x

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