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What Diets have you been on


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Whilst checking my weight on my scales this morning and watching the numbers decrease (yes I am still weighing every morning :eek:), I thought about all the various diets I’ve been on over the years :8855: I laugh because there has been loads and some of them were quite ridiculous. So I’ve decided to list them all so that I could reminisce.

These are what I could remember, but I’m sure there are more.


3lbs in 3 days - Worked for a special occasion
5lbs in 5 days - Worked for a special occasion
Atkins - I love meat but really craved carbs
Body for Life - Equivalent to Healthy Eating and Exercise
Cabbage Soup - OMG - Awful :crazy:
Calorie Counting - It works but I'm far too lazy
Cambridge Weight Plan - Current - Does the job (fast weight loss)
Detox - Juicing Fruit and Veg - Blended veg is gross
Healthy Eating and Exercise - The Best and my ultimate goal :clap:
Jillian Michaels – Winning by Losing - Boring uninspiring book
Lipotrim - Not enough variety
Michael Thurmond - Lose a dress size in 6 days - Worked but I really missed salt
Paul McKenna - I can make you slim - This is really common sense but theory is easier than practice
Pills - Various - Really dangerous
Rosemary Conley - Joined at my heaviest and did great but did not reach goal :checkmark green:
Scarsdale Medical - Mostly eggs and I hate eggs
Slim Fast - Really upset my tummy :sick0019:
Slimming World - I kept trying (3 times) but could never get the hang of it
South Beach - Didn't even manage day 1
Special K - Drop a jeans size - To this day I cannot look at Special K cereal again!
Weight Watchers - Got to Goal and Gold Membership :clap:

I believe that all diets work – As long as they follow the premise of eating less calories or expending more energy than your body requires, which causes a deficit. The secret is finding a diet that you can stick with and enjoy (or at least tolerate)!!

That’s why this forum is great. Everyone here is on their chosen diet, trying to meet their personal goals and be the best person they can be J. It’s a tough old journey and having the support of other like minded people is invaluable. Even being able to put your thoughts and feelings into words is helpful as I think that losing weight is not just about calories in and deficits. It’s also about looking at how we got overweight in the first place, why we overeat and dealing with our feelings and emotions regarding food.

Personally, I’m hoping that I’ll get it right one day and find the balance that I need in order to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Preach over :soapbox:, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day!!!
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What a great post - I def think your onto something about needing to find a way of eating that A: helps u lose weight in the first place - then more importantly B: enables you to maintain at a lower weight that is right for you.

I have only tried a few diets in the past - they are:

Low Carb Addicts Diet - no idea how heavy I was when i started this but probably around 11st mark. to start with I loved this diet - maybe I will revisit?? :) but my problem was the reward meal - boy could I stuff it away in the hour that u cld eat what u wanted, so after first few lbs gone I stabilised!

WW - Start weight 11st 4lbs or thereabouts - never went to a class but got all the literature - lost first half a stone or so then no more as I kept slipping off plan and just gave up really quickly. Found relied on ready meals too much, which are tiny portions and not always that tasty (to me).

Atkins - start weight 10.12 lost about 1.5stone in around 4months, got down to 9st 7lbs ish - felt fabulous, but didn't stick to it rigidly enough after 4 long months to lose anymore. Kept to a low-carb style lifestyle for long period afterwards and weight stabilised at around 10.2 - not bad.

SW - start weight 11st 7lbs - heaviest yet!... went to classes for 6+ months - lost about 10lbs, then couldn't budge anymore, didn't feel group structure added anything for me - I was just paying 5 a week to be told lost/gained the same 2lbs....

Calorie Counting / Healthy Eating - was rubbish at this... I just couldn't stick to a calorie limit, if I was hungry (which is pretty much all the time for me!) I just desperately wanted to eat something - and because not restricting self from anything - treats were coming in left, right and centre!

Dukan (current) - start weight 11st 12lbs - yikes... Realise dieting has made me fat!!! Am 10 weeks into Dukan, on Phase 2 of 4 - so far lost just under 13lbs. Diet is easy and I feel I can stick with it. More importantly for me am generally not hungry and when I am it's controllable... I am not madly wandering round house thinking - what can I eat?... Phase 2 is a very restrictive phase, to enable the weight-loss, phases 3 and 4 are there to help with the long-term. Am hoping it will work for me - I am tired of being overweight and unhappy about it - and not being successful in losing it!...


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first diet aged 20: slimfast. lasted about a week.
aged 23 - rosemary conley classes. ineffectual. i can't be doing with the group thing, or the diet plan. I saw her on daytime tv, and she said she doesn't have roast potatoes, even on xmas day. i thought - if that's what i can look forward to, then i'd rather be me.
aged 24 - calorie counting. lots of pasta in passata. almost entirely carbs, actually. lost a stone or so.
aged 27 - calorie counting (a lot of couscous as i recall)
aged 27 - slimfast. lost about 3.5 stone over both diets.
aged 28 - carbohydrate addicts diet (like atkins) - lasted 10 days, started craving oranges.
aged 28 - calorie counting. lost half a stone.
aged 30-33, lots of failed calorie counting attemptss
aged 33 - took fluoxetine (anti depressant with appetite suppressing qualities). lost about three stone.
aged 34 - ordered accomplia from online pharmacy. £400. made me feel very sick. had to stop.
aged 34 - fluoxetine again. didn't like the side effects, stopped after a month or so.
aged 35-36 - many, many failed attempts at calorie counting
aged 36 - orlistat. lasted two weeks, gained half a stone. encouraged me to eat carbs.

and now - 37 - cambridge diet. lost almost 4 stone, so far, just over the same again to go. finding it suits me very, very well. easy to stick to as i can just abstain from the whole fraught food issue.


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oh er lets see

2008: weightwatchers (the old discover plan) found it easy to follow and lost 2 stone but somehow lost my way, and never gotten back to the weight since. on and off weightwatching until 2010. Was 17 st 7 when i started, got down to 15 something, at my lowest adult weight.

2010: exercise and eating what I wanted. Maintained my weight. Was about 20 stone at the time.

early 2011: slimming world: found it restrictive in ways. Couldn't control myself on free foods. Found it quite expensive on the old grocery shop

weightwatchers (propoints) - no matter how much I tried I could NOT get this plan to work. Was on the button strict, ajusted my eating so many times my head was spinning.

Exante: Couldn't last with it because I always got a severe bout of depression in about week 2. Tried it several times over the past year to no avail.

Slimfast: couldn't stick to it and found it better to just have actual food instead of 200 calories in a shake.

Atkins: Lasted about 2 days....

weight watchers core plan - great diet but i find it hard to stop myself when im full.

Currently on slimpod, and trying to follow the ww core plan. (at mid 18 stone)

I've frittered between diets so much because I get bored easily... I'm currently on drugs which make weightloss very difficult so I get upset when it doesn't work and try yet another diet. :(
S: 11st13lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 1st3lb(10.18%)
Lauratheloop said:
Hi all

What is the Dukan diet?

In a nutshell - Dukan Diet is a low carb, low fat, high protein diet. Main weightloss phase consists of alternating between "Pure Protein days" and "Protein + Veg" days, with a daily allowance of oatbran added in as well. So small daily dose of oat bran (30g) + plenty lean meat, fish/shellfish, eggs, fat free or low fat diary (except cheese) and low carb veggies.
S: 16st9lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 3st13lb(23.61%)
Teddy67 said:
In a nutshell - Dukan Diet is a low carb, low fat, high protein diet. Main weightloss phase consists of alternating between "Pure Protein days" and "Protein + Veg" days, with a daily allowance of oatbran added in as well. So small daily dose of oat bran (30g) + plenty lean meat, fish/shellfish, eggs, fat free or low fat diary (except cheese) and low carb veggies.
Thank you x
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I went on my first diet when I was 8. I cut out potatoes and chocolate. Then follows a long history of dieting, I'll never remember them all but I'll list some

Cabbage soup
3 day diet
Weight watchers
Slimming world
South beach
Paul mc Kenna
No s diet
Healthy eating
Low carb
Low fat
Beyond chocolate
Marisa peer
Intuitive eating
Many more I made up .....

Oh well after this baby I'm determined to finally get back to a healthy weight and learn to make peace with my body and food.


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Fun and nostalgic thread!

1993 (age 11) - diet prescribed by dietitian that my mum took me to at the hospital. I don't really recall how much weight I lost because I was too young, but I remember she did say I lost weight from my face first which is still true today.

2002 - Joined WW and lasted a week. My meeting was full of people with very little weight to lose and I felt like a monster.

2004 - Reductil prescribed by GP. Lost maybe 1.5 stone but it took forever because I didn't address my comfort eating and even when I was eating on the Reductil it was the wrong kinda food and too much of it!

2008 - Something similar to Celebrity Slim which involved buying shake powders from my local pharmacy. Lasted maybe two weeks and lost a pound or two.

2010 - Diet plan courtesy of NHS dietitian. Gained a bit and lost a bit but the net result was a gain! Again I was eating far too much and still the wrong foods, convincing myself I'd stick to the plan 'tomorrow'.

2011 - Currently on a mixed diet which is high protein/reduced carb and counting calories to control my portions. All my current weight loss is attributable to that.

*You know until I wrote all those down I thought I'd never really tried any other diets compared to the one I'm on now. I stand corrected!
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Does anyone have any advise on what diet is best for a vegetarian please??? thanks
Slimming World without a doubt - you can eat as much pasta, rice, cous cous, noodles, fruit and veg, pulses, lentils, and basic meatfree products as you need. So basically all the things that you should be eating on a vegetarian diet.

In reply to the OP though, I have done only one diet and that's Slimming World (surprise!) and got to target.

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