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What do i need?

If you're actually joining I would not bother buying the syns book (if you mean the Food Directory) as you will have free access to all syns online once you've joined, including loads that aren't even in the Directory, which goes out of date really fast.

They've got some good recipe books. Mm another thing I would *not* buy though is the Free Branded foods book as it is mostly full of stuff like xyz brands of broccoli is free, which is blatantly obvious, and again it goes out of date quickly.

The recipe books and the magazine are the only things I can think of worth buying at the mo, except HiFi bars and ScanBran if you like them.

There's an offer on at the minute if you go to the homepage:
"Join Slimming World before 25th June and get half price membership. That’s only £5.00 to join and £4.95 weekly – a total of just £9.95 to pay on your first night!" so that's sorted. Also if you go with someone who is already a member they get a week free. Fabulous special offers for everyone at Slimming World


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You will need a tenner to join - the official price is £10 joining fee plus £4.95 per class, but there is a never ending circle of joining offers - its either full joining fee but first class free (so £10) or half price joining fee and you pay for your first class (so you'll pay £9.95). You might want to think about getting a count down (6 weeks for the price of 5 or 12 weeks for the price of 10) - but make sure you know what holidays you have before buying one as you need to book them first. In fact, if you do get a countdown, its worth waiting a couple of weeks as there's an offer with the 12 week countdown where you can get a free receipe book but thats not on til near the end of this month.

Joining will get you your food optimising book which explains the plan and gives you a pretty good list of popular items syns values. You will get some other bits and pieces in the pack, but the food optimising book is your main bit of info and will be your bible for the first few weeks.

You will also get a pin number which will give you access to the website and syns values - you might want to see how you get on with that before rushing out to buy food directories etc (the food directory is £7.99 by the way - or around that price, I'm not certain)

You can also buy recipe books if you want - most are priced at £4.95, but there are some that are more (£9.99) and other handy sized guides and books are cheaper (free branded foods, low syn snacks are £2.95 I think)

I think though, stick with the starter pack for now before buying too much stuff. Usually the consultant just has display copies and has to order books if you want to buy them anyway. Also you can buy the mag for 70p cheaper than you can get it in the shops so that could be worth getting.

Other things you can buy are Hi-fi bars (cereal bars) and scan bran (high fibre crispbread, tastes a bit rank to most people, also can be used in making cakes etc)


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If you are getting a countdown wait until the 27th as you get a free recipe book, extra easy summer days had a look at it in group and it looks really good. Hugs Crystal xx
The summer cookbook looks fantastic. I am at target so dont have the opportunity for freebies with countdowns any more, so I have ordered a copy because its THAT good. Super low syn falafels here I come!!


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good luck!! and i have ordered the new summer book too - cant resist the books!!

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