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what do u do on the wii?

do u know for the life of me i cannot do the hul hoop!! the hoop just falls down, soooooo frustrating!!
I do the hula hoop, the step, then super step then super hula hoop (a real killer), free style jogging, boxing, all the balance games and that generally takes me to 30-35 minutes.
that sounds like a good routine! ill give the hula hoop another go, see what im doing wrong!! lol x


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I played on the wii fit on Saturday night (how romantic!) at a party and it was sooo much fun I want one desperately. I had a go on the hula hoop and the heading the football.
I have just bought My Fitness Coach. It's great, once you have put all your personal details in, it works out program's based on your ability and requirements. I recommend it!
I usually do 30 mins free step watching a telly programme if I just want to do a bit of cardio.

If I'm having a good session I love doing the boxing, a bit of hula hoop (I can do it on the wii, but can't do it in real life at all, I've got rubbish hips!) and a couple of balance games. Usually round off with some yoga or strength exercises.
It was my birthday last Tuesday and my DH bought me the Wii and Wii Fit as a surprise... I'm addicted to the Super Step and the Hula Hoop. I've not really had the time to try anything else as I can't seem to get a look in from my 11 year old son :D.
Well today my wii fit workout consisted of..
10 mins super hula hooping
6 mins super step
20 mins free stepping
10 mins boxing
jacknife muscle workout- 20 reps
few more muscle exercises
football balance game
candle light balance game (freaky!)
So did just under an hour - enjoyed it tonight x
Do you have to have a Wii to use a Wii Fit? Or can it be bought separately?
well... i did it i got off my arse and went on the wii last night and have mastered the hul hoop!!! god my abs are aching today!!!! lol xxx
wii fit is brill - i especially enjoy the step aerobics (i have caught my boyfriend on it a few times also). brill buy for anyone - makes exercising fun. i never thought i'd say that! xx

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