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What do you add into porridge?


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Just wondering what you guys add into porridge? I think I'm going to try and have it more often as it's much more filling than normal cereal I find. I usually make mine with a teaspoon of sweetener and some raisins/sultanas. I'm probably going to have it most days in the week so looking for some variations! I love blueberries but won't have them often as they cost a fortune! Any other suggestions?
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hi, i make mine in the mirco with water, then add a bit of milk and just a bit of salt,(know it's bad, but, it's only a pinch, and i do like traditional porridge):D


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Try a teaspoon of cinnamon, or mixed spice - it's delicious. Add it in at the cooking stage, not afterwards. That would be lovely along with the raisins/sultanas too :)

Val x


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My dad always has his with salt, his dad was Scottish so I blame it on that!

Ooh I've not spotted frozen blueberries before, I'll have to have a look thanks!

I like it with cinnamon, never tried mixed spice though. I'll give it a go, thanks :)
oooh, mashed banana sounds nice :)
I use the wee pots of porridge that you just make with water. Portion / calories controlled, ready sweetened and no washing up :p
Banana every time :D Tsp sugar, made with water in the microwave add a splash of milk when cooked..

For a change I like stewed plumbs :)


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Thanks for all the suggestions :)

I was on the Cambridge Diet and I quite liked their apple and cinnamon porridge so thought I'd try recreate it. I tried chunks of apple but it just didn't work really. Tried again this morning and grated up the apple and it was really nice, definitely a winner! My local sainsburys didn't have frozen blueberries unfortunately, I'll look in the one in the other town when I next go there though, it's much bigger.

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